TOPAZ Video Magnifiers from Freedom Scientific

Hello, I’m Charlie, and I’m here today to tell you
about Freedom Scientific’s TOPAZ video
magnifier. It allows people with low vision, like me, to read
books and letters… …write… …view photographs… …and perform all sorts of daily tasks. The new modern design features a swivel
monitor, so I can work sitting or standing in front
of it… ..swing it a full 90 degrees to work on a project to
the side, or collaborate with others. It’s easy to move, yet very stable and stays where
you place it. The controls are easy to learn and use, and they
stay right under the monitor where you need
them. The widescreen 20-inch, 22-inch, and 24-inch
models let me fit lots of magnified text on the
screen. Auto Focus keeps the image sharp and clear
through the entire magnification range. The long life LED lighting is directed to give a
bright work surface while keeping the screen
totally glare free. The FIND feature lets me temporarily zoom out,
find my place with the gliding XY table, and zoom
right back in to read. It isn’t always easy to read items in their real
color. Take for instance the yellow pages. The contrast against the yellow paper and the
print quality are both poor. But I can make it much more readable with the
Color Select knob. TOPAZ comes with 5 different color modes, and
you can configure up to 12 color combinations
from 33 available choices. I read mostly with the white on black setting
because I find it less tiring for my eyes. TOPAZ gives me lots of space to work under the
camera with larger objects like food containers. I can even Freeze the Image to keep it in view as I
take the box away. There is a special holder to keep all sizes of cans
and bottles steady as I read them. The table has a tray for my pens, and I can lock
the table and the focus as I write. If you use a computer, like me, there is also an
advanced model called the TOPAZ XL with PC
Connectivity. It provides reading lines and masks to reduce
glare and help you keep your place when reading
rows and columns. And a position locator beam to make it easy to
find your signature line or to fill out forms. The TOPAZ XL can connect to your computer in
two ways. The first is by a VGA cable. This way lets you
switch between your camera view and your PC. I use MAGic screen magnification software on my
PC. The second way is to connect the TOPAZ XL to
your Windows PC with a USB cable. With Freedom Scientific’s GEM software, you
can now see your magnified documents on your
PC… ..control everything from your PC keyboard, work
in split view… …and even save images from your TOPAZ XL on
your computer. The GEM software is great for online banking and
working with my tax software while viewing
receipts. With the TOPAZ and TOPAZ XL from Freedom
Scientific, I have the visual assistance to do what
I need to do everyday. And it looks great on my desk.

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