Top 5 Best Robotic Gadgets Your Kid Must Have

– [Voiceover] For ages, the dog has been man’s best friend. We want to introduce you
to man’s new best friend. Meet Chip. Chip is a robotic dog that’s much more than just a cool gadget. Chip is an interactive pet that there’s to greet you at the door. With a smart band, Chip recognizes who his owner is. – [Man] Hey, have you
seen my other slipper? Have you seen my other slipper? (robotic dog barks) – [Voiceover] And shows
affection to them when near. (contented whimpering) Chimp is obedient, and
can follow commands. But he also learns new things, so you can teach him tricks. And the smarter Chip
becomes, the more badges he earns. When you like what you see, just press the “like” button on the band, which can encourage him to behave or be a little mischievous. Your choices change Chip’s behavior, and shapes his personality,
so that no two Chips (contended whimpering and barking) are ever alike. Chip is a connected experience. He has a translator. (whimpering) – What is it, Chip? – [Voiceover] So you can
understand his thoughts. (barking) He comes with his own smart ball, so you can play fetch
and stay active together. He also has sensors, so he can maneuver around obstacles with ease. And with the mobile
app, you can feed Chip. It shows you care. And that’s important. Because when you’re in need, no matter it big or small, he’s there for you. With his beacon sense technology, Chip is fully aware of his surroundings. – [Man] Seriously, no one’s seen it? This is like the fifth time. – [Voiceover] He even knows how to return to his bed when it’s time for a charge, so he never runs out of energy. Chip is a smart device. Chip is a robot. Chip is a dog. (barking) But most importantly, Chip is a friend. (barking) The best kind. (upbeat, energetic music) – [Voiceover] Introducing Robo Wunderkind, a revolutionary robotics
kit for kids of all ages, which can be programmed and controlled with smart phones and tablets. Robo cubes can be
attached from either side, so you can make different robots. – Two years ago, I was
studying computer science at the Vienna University of Technology, and I was building robots
on Arduino platform. My friends were fascinated
by what I was doing, and they also wanted to
build their own robots, but there’s no fun and simple way for them to get started. This is why I decided to create a robot that would be easy to build and code and be accessible for everyone. – We’re inventing different electronics, such as micro controllers,
sensors, motors, and giving camera onto the cubes. This way, kids can easily
build unique robots with different functions and in any shape they can imagine. (dramatic, suspenseful music) (electronic beep) (exclamation) (electronic beep) (upbeat, cheerful music) – Hi, I’m Seifer, the designer of Vortex. Vortex is a revolutionary
product for children. It is a smart and
responsive robot that kids can play with and program. Using the Vortex and apps, kids can play different games, learn about robotics, and even create their own. Playing with Vortex is
incredibly fun and easy, thanks to its unified
system and intuitive app. For example, the bumping
fight is a sumo-style party game suitable for multiple players. The computer inside Vortex has sensors to detect motions like hitting, spinning, or being still. Vortex embraces new
technologies, and allows users to experience them. The Fugitive is a unique
game with augmented reality motion tracking technology. Children already love playing with our Vortex prototypes, and we can’t wait for kids everywhere to
get their own Vortex. Vortex is compatible
with both iOS and Android devices, and comes with an open SD kit. Anyone who wants to
develop a game for Vortex is empowered to do so,
because every Vortex is a death kit. The only limit: your imagination. Vortex’s app allows kids to
learn to program their robots in a fun, simple, and
educational environment. By abstracting complicated actions and visualizing the
process, the app teaches the basics of programming
without any coding or advanced skill. Learning by doing has never been easier. Just drag, drop, and hit “upload.” That simple. We wanted to make a great product, and to do it, we gathered the best people from industrial design, user experience, hardware, software, and game development. For the past two years,
Vortex has undergone countless revisions and improvements, and we know that only through this process can we create a product
that won’t disappoint our future inventors. Vortex is built on Arduino, an open-source hardware platform. It can see and speak by using infrared, gray scale, and sound speakers. Vortex can find its way around obstacles, tech lines, and report back to you. (electronic squeek) We’ve pre-installed the program and done the assembling. Vortex is fun right out of the box. Just open the app, switch
it on, and start exploring. Vortex is also designed to be highly customizable, with colorful
parts, stickers, maps. – Hello, Internet. My name’s Kevin King,
founder of Plum Geek. I’m here today to introduce Ringo. Ringo is a palm-sized robot
based on the Aduino Uno. He’s perfect for any robotics enthusiast. The wide range of smarts
and sensors we’ve included will challenge and entertain even the most advanced programmers, yet
he’s still a perfect fit for anyone taking their
first steps into robotics or programming. Ringo ships with 10 interesting
behaviors pre-loaded, so you can start having fun
as soon as you open the box. You can activate and control the behaviors with the included remote-control. The light chase. Here, Ringo uses the three light sensors to track and follow the light. The pretty glow’s coming
from the two lights on his underside. You can make these any colors you want. The line follow. Here, he’s using the edge
sensors under his feelers to see the line. His eye flashes green when
the sensor on that side sees the line. The finger nipper. Here, he’s using his accelorometer in determining which
direction he’s pushed from. Then he attacks in that direction. The scaredy bug. Similar example, but he runs the opposite direction when disturbed. In this example, the gyroscope is used to keep Ringo pointed a specific direction even when disturbed. Wind him up like a clock and let him go. He returns to the starting position. Pretty cool, huh? After you learn how the sensors work with the pre-loaded
examples, you can customize them with your own personal touch, by editing our
easy-to-understand example code. This is a great way to
learn the basic structure of how a program works,
and to move towards more advanced skills. You can make him come to life, like he has a real personality. He drives around using
a pair of pager motors. The tips of the motors make
contact with the surface on either side. Both motors can run in either direction and at variable speed. This makes him very maneuverable. Ringo can determine where he is, how he’s moving, and where he’s pointing, thanks to an on-board
accelerometer and gyroscope. He can be programmed to use these sensors to go in straight lines and to travel specific distances. This control lip can be made a bit sloppy on purpose, which results
in a characteristic buggy swagger. No swag. A bit of swag. Lots of swag. It’s as easy as changing
a variable in your code. He can show you how he’s feeling with six RGB LEDs. These are the same lights
used in neopixel products from Adafruit. Each can be made to show any color you can think of, and
then it can be controlled individually. Ringo can see light from 360 degrees, using three sensors. He can determine the direction
of light and shadows. There’s sensors under the
feelers that can be used to follow a line, sense edges, and avoid jumping off your table. Thanks to an on-board TV remote control receiver, you
can trigger and control behaviors with a remote,
or teach him to respond to just about any other TV remote. He has three infrared light sources pointed 120 degrees
apart, which can be used to communicate with other Ringo bots, appliances like your TV, or used together with the light sensors to sense objects or movement nearby. (jazzy music)


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    February 18, 2017
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    August 5, 2017
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    July 21, 2018
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