Top 10 Innovative Products You Did Not Know Exist

hi are you an expert in killing plants I know I used to be and it was because I didn't have the time or the skills to keep them alive I wanted to solve this problem so I teamed up with you Alice and Mario together we created Betania it is an automatic and self watering planter but lets you go effortlessly so you can have fresh shirts without giving up your life in betánia you can grow herbs like basil things or mint you can also grow vegetables like tomatoes or chili petain ium is a complete kit for growing your own plants from seeds this is how to not kill a plant pour water into the tank add some nutrients fill up with the included growing medium plant the seed connected to an outlet and let potamia take care of the plant for you the roots really thrive in Betania which makes the plants grow larger and faster than a common soil if you fill it up it can last up to a month so you don't need to worry if you go away you why choose one decor when you can turn your wall into an interactive canvas meets gribbit the world's first right in the race robot that creates a different image whenever you want to nails and the plug is all you need to install Scribus and thanks to the app it's always connected create an image or source it from the web then upload it to the app and scribble will reproduce it on your wall within minutes and if you get tired of the design no worries scribble will just erase it and you can start over again you can connect script to your favorite apps and show you the latest news and weather forecasts or even your Twitter updates any surfaces game whiteboard glass or standard plaster and with four color options the possibilities are endless the only limit is your imagination turn your wall into a wonder wha with scribble [Applause] in today's fast-paced world productivity and practicality are essential components of success what do these three daily laptop users all have in common they use VIN Pok split monitor wherever they go VIN PAC's flip monitor is your portable convenient and trustworthy new best friend it's versatile enough to fit anyone's needs quickly attach one or two monitors to your laptop then POC split monitor allows you to boost productivity by up to 50 percent use it remotely in office or from home VIN Pok split monitor can be connected to your Android smartphone for unparalleled efficiency the presentation mode enables you to share information quickly and effectively it's compact size and sleek design makes it easy to carry and perfect to use on the go it's not all business with vin POC use it for your gaming systems as well Vinh POC split monitor never leave productivity or fun behind again back our campaign today what if you could speak any language would you travel more would you meet new people this is LAN go go Hannah's favorite pocket translator and must-have for her travels with LAN Go Go there are no more language barriers LAN gogo can translate 60 languages giving you the confidence to travel far and connect with locals we designed a gogo to be your portable Wi-Fi hotspot so you can connect with anyone anywhere LAN gogo is incredibly accurate each device houses two built-in microphones with noise canceling technology dokoni outer custody Moscow is the cousin Estelle FINA lilyc are you allowing for better speech recognition and more accurate translation konnichiwa hello my name is Michael push-to-talk you can speak directly into LAN gogo and half your message translated travel with the confidence to speak to anyone Shadowman just within wire whisk excuse weapon don't just look at the world around you hear what it has to say LAN go go a better way to connect sometimes it's important to find the right color at swatch made we think color is amazing so we started thinking we love the colors that inspire us so what if we could interact with them we created the cube small beautiful and easy to use just place it on an object to recall the color and pair it with your phone to see the result color is everywhere inspiration is anywhere and now you can bring real world color into your favorite design software whatever you scan becomes your primary color so you can get on with being great the cube contains a unique sphere when light is shone on the surface the sphere captures all reflected color information this means you can capture the color of virtually anything and best of all it stalls up to 20 colors even without your phone now it's easy to share inspiration when the world is your canvas or will you capture you introducing the new way of brushing your teeth something that hasn't changed in 500 years with micro cleaning friction power and 360 degree wraps sonic technology the new unit brush is 2 times more effective than regular toothbrushes and cleans 99.9% of your teeth surface plus it brushes all of your teeth at once in only 6 seconds it's easy to store clean and charged with the minimalist Danish design UV light docking station that eliminates significant cleanliness flaws with today's toothbrushes the you know brush has earned numerous awards worldwide including the most innovative product by Microsoft it's the world's first anti cavity toothbrush that combines an ergonomic mouthpiece patent-pending 360 degree rapping uniform and pulsing sonic vibrations that deliver a refreshing clean to your mouth teeth and gums unlike anything you've ever experienced the cleanse bot is a pocket-sized smart robot designed to sanitize and disinfect any surface including your bed and blankets using UVC light cleanse bot is the first all-in-one cleaning robot you can take on all of your adventures with built in artificial intelligence 18 sensors and three different modes the cleanse bolt might just be the smartest thing you pack in under blanket mode you just put your cleanse bar on the bed touch one button and let it sanitize and disinfect your bed for either 30 or 60 minutes at a time no matter what type of mattress or blanket you have using patent-pending wheel technology the robot will be able to climb over any lumps and bumps in the sheets and never fall off the bed in handheld mode just pick up your cleanse bot and the sensors will detect your hand and use the bottom UVC lights to disinfect light switches kitchen and bathroom surfaces cell phones keyboards and even children and pet toys the cleanse bot can run and disinfect for three hours on a single charge when you're traveling you always pack your portable charger instead of having to pack another device the cleanse bot has a power bank mode with a 3700 milliamp battery and a USB C port with flash charging for faster charging times place your pre-order during this Kickstarter campaign to get your cleanse bought for over 60% of retail price only $99 this is a Kickstarter only deal and will not be available after the campaign has ended don't miss out tennis is one of the greatest sports of all time the feeling you get when you hit that perfect shot or kick serve down the line is indescribable perfecting these shots takes countless hours of practice and with that comes the inevitable chore of picking up hundreds of tennis balls scattered all over the courts players and coaches everywhere know the frustration and tediousness that goes into collecting balls during a practice session and this is why we invented ten ibattz ten Abad is the world's first robotic ball collector tena bot perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect tennis balls on the court and collect them from players you can let Ken ABAB work autonomously using the station that easily attaches to the net boost or use tena BOTS app the customized bear and the court the device will clear Santa bot easily syncs to your phone and even your Apple watch to make activation quick and seamless the app also keeps track of how many balls are collected during a session and how often you practice so feel free to brag to your friends about how you're stepping up your game while never having to pick up another tennis ball Tana bought was designed with convenience the removable bucket holds up to 80 balls and lets you easily continue your hittin session after 10 Abad has cleared the court the battery takes only 90 minutes to charge and runs for four to five hours it's portable design lets you pick up ten Abad and wheel it on and off the court just like a suitcase and when you're done ten ibattz compact size makes it easy to fit in the trunk of your car so instead of picking up balls players can relax hydrate or just keep playing whether you're hitting with a ball machine volleying with a friend or giving a lesson ten Abad helps you get the most out of your time on the court you

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