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according to the National Association of Homebuilders in 1950 the average square footage of
living space in a home was just 983 square feet today it's 2,500 square feet of course if your house is bigger it costs more to buy and
it costs even more money and time to maintain it the good news is you could
fill it with a lot more stuff but there's a movement by some people to get back to a simpler life and one way to do that is to scale down and live in a tiny
house I made my way to the small rustic town of Graton California to meet Jay
Schaffer a tiny homes designer and builder this is my current home I've actually
had this one for like three years now oh wow very small now how big is this small house well this one is 119 square feet like a closet
sized house it's actually smaller than some people's closets oh wow so we just
landed into the kitchen two steps in from the porch and it's like multitasking it's transformers it's the kitchen it's the entryway you boil it down to the essentials it's like I got a fridge
I got a sink and I have a toaster oven under here so you have all the essentials I do I wanted a place where I could afford it and not have to pay for a
lot of extra space and extra stuff I wasn't even using so I built myself a
little house and realized a tiny house is just a house in which all of the
space is being used well most people who want to live in small houses seem to
want to build one themselves and you can buy plans online you can design your own
house let's take a look at the rest of the house okay well here's part of it right away we've got the bathroom probably the
smallest tub in the land the tub is actually the sink the sink the tub
the shower it's all the same thing I can get up to my shoulders in water and
yet it only takes up less than two feet by two and a half feet you know you can see
almost everything what you see is what you get for the most part so what's over
this side of the house a full step forward well over here we've got my
work station I guess you could call it the office the average person who
buys a tiny house are we talking about a single person or a small family
mostly single people for these very small houses families are into it too
but usually a little bigger I've seen families of three living this small so
where do you sleep I sleep in the sleeping loft there's not much else I
could do up there I mean it's pretty small that's the smallest loft I've ever
designed Jay was right there wasn't much room for me to do anything except lie
down flat then Jay surprised me with his next idea you're actually thinking about
adding a second bedroom to this house yeah and it'll be a little bit bigger than that bedroom because it'll just be sitting on these sort of shelf things
I'm sure Jay will make it all work but I have to say watching zephyrs swirl
outside a tiny house is relaxing shooting inside a tiny house with a camera crew is chaos I think I'll just stay right here


  1. Kochumol Lalu said:

    Very nice

    June 27, 2019
  2. Georgeqaws said:

    This is basically just a trailer that doesn't move. Albeit a better space efficient design

    June 27, 2019
  3. Vidisha Roy said:

    good for singles…not family

    June 27, 2019

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