Throwback Toothday: Test Your Parent’s Dental IQ

welcome to daily quiz this is Mr. and
Mrs. Smith and today we're going to find out how high their PD IQ is parents
dental IQ that is are you ready? A baby tooth isn't too important since it
eventually falls out right or wrong? Your right those baby teeth save space for
permanent teeth, here's the next question Fluoridation helps prevent tooth decay
right or wrong? right again fluoridation reduces tooth
decay by 60%. Ready for the last question? A 6-year molar is a baby tooth right or wrong? right again that permanent six-year molar should last a lifetime
Mr. and Mrs. Smith you certainly have a high PD IQ why? I see five good reasons
all with perfect smiles and your prize is a lifetime of dental health for you
and your children by the way how's your PD IQ a public service announcement of
the American Dental Association and this television station

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