This is How Technology is Consuming Blockchain Businesses

– Hey! Did you know that the agriculture business is one of the most tech savvy industries in the entire world? Seeds, resistance to plagues, less consumption of water, more productivity from
every square meter of land. It’s really amazing all
of the different ways that the agricultural industry is able to use technology
to improve its productivity. (electronic tones) Now I want you to imagine a super tomato and I want you to think,
today, about a tomato that is beautifully red, it’s resistant to being eaten by bugs, all the tomatoes come
out perfectly shaped, there’s a ton of tomatoes by every plant and amazing super tomato
with one fatal flaw. You can’t eat it. It’s not edible. Can you imagine that that example, that is an example of
a technological failure that focuses completely on the technology and fails because it
doesn’t create a product with intrinsic value. And today, that’s what I
wanna talk to you about is how the block chain
industry can’t tech its way out of stagnation. Sure, it’s important to talk
about the transaction volumes, it’s important to talk
about transaction speeds, it’s important to talk
about consensus algorithms, it’s important to talk
about node architectures and all the other things that come into building a block chain or building a block chain solution, but if we fail to create
intrinsic value for end users, it doesn’t mean anything and that is what I really feel is one of the biggest problems
we’re facing as an industry and that’s what being a
cryptopreneur is all about. It’s all about not forgetting
the intrinsic value. We have to make the tomato, if you can’t make a great
tomato sauce out of your tomato, then you failed. It doesn’t mean anything. You could have the most
productive tomato plant in the world, but if you
can’t make spaghetti sauce, what the hell are you doing? And unfortunately, that’s happening with a lot of our block
chain projects today. And with that in mind, I really want you to stop and think about how we can turn it around and how we can make block
chain actually deliver on its promises and the
key to that is remembering that there’s another 7.7 billion people, human beings, on this planet and these people have
problems with healthcare, they have problems with not
being adequately represented in their government
institutions, they have problems with their supply chains
not being efficient, they have problems with
the smallest things that happen in local
businesses around them. And those are the problems that we need to be focusing on solving with block chain technology. And to do that, we need capable, bright, intelligent,
experienced entrepreneurs, cryptopreneurs, if you will, who are taking this technology and applying it in the real world. And when we do that, we will be delivering on a true promise to those
7.7 billion people out there. And sure, we need to keep working on the underlying technologies,
of course, that’s great. I mean, if we didn’t do that, we wouldn’t have self-driving cars now that are almost here, we
wouldn’t have electric vehicles, we wouldn’t have a lot of things, but it’s not just the technology,
it’s gotta be applied. It has to have intrinsic
value in the real world. And that is my call to
action for you guys today. That’s what I talk about in my book, Behold the Cryptopreneurs. That was a shameless plug, I know. It wasn’t a shameless pug,
it was a shameless pug. Anyway, back to what I was saying. If you believe that block chain technology can make a difference in the
world and for real people and their real lives,
then leave a comment below and tell me where you think that biggest benefit for
society will come from. If you think that it’s still that we should only be
focused on the technology, lemme know below. Let’s have a conversation about that. Remember to go to, check out the first four
chapters of my book, and thanks for listening. Talk to you soon. (upbeat music)

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