Third year Mechatronics and Robotics project – Robotic violin

and Pete and I and mechatronics and robotics student and this is my robotic violin all the aim of the project was to create an electronically controlled violin rather than build the project around a violin so it's reason existing violin design it to control it I wanted to fully integrate the violin into the system so we've got sort of entirely custom violin effectively which is specifically designed for control by a robotic system I found sort of robotic instruments interesting but I noticed that a lot of them they tend to try and work around existing human playable instruments basically I picked a violin on account the fact that there's a lot of expression possible in the violin which expression is something that robotic instruments are often missing and so I wanted to try and build something that could emulate that as stands I've only got a single string prototype the the string length is continuously variable so it can move to any position that allows just of control of vibrato and stuff glissando effects each string has a separate actuator for string pressure so that allows modulation of pressure on each string independently of the rest allowing for some quite advanced to playing technique it's always satisfying when think things you have been working on start to come to life at the minute sucked up to you just directly accept USB MIDI input so at the moment I've got it plugged into this keyboard but I could plug it into a sequencer or with a slight tweak to the code on the on the Raspberry Pi I could plug it into a computer and just play MIDI files from the computer I'm probably also going to you tweak it so it'll run fully standalone and play mini files off the SD card

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