The University of Findlay | Master of Science in Health Informatics

health informatics is all about data it's about healthcare data and how it can be used I had heard about health informatics and so I came in I spoke with John Ritchie his enthusiasm alone got me excited about the program I mean I was ready to start that day I'll use an analogy it's like coal and oil when it's underground when it's underground it's of no use to anyone when it's extracted from the ground then it becomes useful in many different ways healthcare data is exactly the same way and we can think about health informatics along those lines we extract the data from the computer and then we use it in many different ways I realized that health informatics is one of the fastest growing industries today it is a two-year program taking two courses per semester so six semesters twelve courses under the program the classes are offered online and are offered in the evening and the staff is always available if you have any questions at any time and so by the time you complete the program you've had tours of twelve different healthcare environments and you can use that experience I really feel the University of Findlay does a tremendous job at making taking classes at night convenient for the students I truly believe that my education here at the University of Findlay and health informatics is what got me this amazing job and I'm so excited about it and I know that I'm just my career is just going to continue to move forward to find out more about the program go to Finley D you enter the keyword informatics and click on the links to find all the information you need you

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