The SMU MITB: Unparalleled Edge in FinTech and Data Analytics

we live in a world of sensors and the idea of that it means that people can be tracked vehicles can be tracked all different kinds of things in society can be tracked we need people that understand how to work with the data because all of that activity spawns data that have to be analyzed to be understood to make the services to make the processes and to make the customer experiences better MITB is interested in delivering programs to our students that emphasize financial technology but we do this in a way that connects the data analytics because there's so many sources today of sensed data and all kinds of financial services and technology applications so I've got a 10 years experience in the IT industry and I was looking for a way to kind of formalize my experience and get exposure to specifically data analytics this isn't a decision I took lightly I looked at a lot of programs and found that the SMU my my TV program met my criteria so it gave me access to one hour it has a very good mix of the technical aspects as well as the business aspects most of our professors they are from the industry so they can share with us from their own experience not only the textbook knowledge and you can really help us understand in a more practical way at MIT B we use a teaching style that emphasizes student interactions and cases one that could learn from success and learn by observing failures our students love that kind of discovery about what doesn't work so that they can then go on and understand what does it take to make great data analytics great financial technology the internship in a my TV program actually influenced me the most during the internship I can apply what I was learning in my courses so in my TV into I was in my internship and also if I sprained some problems I can directly go to my props on my fellow students who can tell them and have a discussion together so I can get really valued opinions and different perspectives looking back I really appreciated six-month internship experience because I realized I really grew up a lot from these internships as well as a my TV program violation technology has been around for decades it has matured over the years the whole industry landscape has changed in the sense that now financial technology companies are eating into the value chain of the business to keep themselves abreast in this ever-changing financial technology landscape print tech professionals should join a program like MIT V to prepare themselves for the future of content what we want to do is produce students who can hit the ground running irrespective of the industry that they join we want them to go and be able to create a value and the companies that serve and we want them to be involved in creating contributions to the company to society and the industry MITB equips and empowers our students to be transformers with financial technology and data analytics for today and for tomorrow

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