The Process of Innovation


  1. Wot Wot said:

    using apple computers destroys the freedom to innovate. ask richard stallman.

    May 24, 2019
  2. grizzlee99 said:

    Really enjoyed this video, have written a blog about it here:

    May 24, 2019
  3. Mark Proffitt said:

    Guy Kawasaki is a great evangelist, he knows how to say things to motivate people. The specifics of what he says are very fuzzy. He has a few good points such as the 10/20/30 rule for presentations; but, doesn't explain how to do it effectively. Basically he tells you what he did but not why or how he did it. That type of advice is extremely dangerous because the conditions that made it work for him probably won't exist for you.

    May 24, 2019
  4. Anurag Priyadarshi said:

    Would you like to share your views on Guy Kawasaki's books/talks.. ?? He has also been in VC n stuff for some time.

    May 24, 2019
  5. yan nay said:

    thanks for sharing "StanfordUniversity"

    May 24, 2019
  6. Mark Proffitt said:

    Video has many myths
    -You're always leaping blind
    -If you're not failing enough you're not being innovative enough
    -Diversification reduces risk

    [Predictive Innovation:
    >accurately describes 5-6 product generations in advance
    >over 80% success rate
    >95 times more profitable]

    -Satisfy desires of all actors
    -Accountants view innovation as an expense
    -Management is clueless about tech
    -Small groups work
    -Isolation helps
    -VC like me-too
    -Demo is not product
    -Explain user value

    May 24, 2019

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