The need for innovation and how to make it real

welcome from sapphire now it states you and I have Maggie buggy global head of innovation services and solutions at SP digital business service with me so Maggie day too and I know you had lots of customer meetings can you just tell me from your meetings what innovation currently means for our customers listen it has been such a fantastic day and a half and from a personal perspective I'm just loving Dominic how customers their understanding of the possibilities of innovation has shifted considerably and everyone's picked off by like 10 points in the keynotes yesterday about experience gaps and how they exploit them but I should say ants it's a great opportunity the main thing customers want from innovation is for it to be real the SI p make it real for us make it tangible engage with us on the business value on the outcome and make it real ok so I customers understand the need for innovation but I'm sure this also comes with some challenges right yes big time and as you'd expect because innovation is not a straightforward process from a customer experience perspective it should be straightforward simple emotional beautiful but from an enterprise perspective and actually making that so it takes an order awful lot of heavy lifting work to do so so challenges customers have been sharing with me over the last day and a half our number one what is the correlation between our innovation capability and leveraging their awesome capabilities within the intelligent enterprise and I'm very clear with them about how it all fits together because experience is the why it is the outcome the outcome that all our customers want to engage on be that customer experience employee experience sobriety an experienced financial experience and innovation is the catalyst it is the quartz and then the intelligent Enterprise well that is the how it's how we deliver it at scale for our customers our ecosystem our coastal customers customers etc okay so you mentioned our cosmos want to make it real and I'm sure your team is well equipped to help them to explore the possibilities so what how is your team actually supporting our customers our team is super well equipped to support our customers we do it in a number of ways first and foremost we engage on the business outcome understanding what is the value our customers want to achieve by engaging in innovation in the first place secondly we have a wonderful fusion of the services business LED capability underpinned with fantastic engineering capability and delivery expertise and thirdly we always apply the stress test of can we scale and transform and can we make it real so between those three things that is where our customers can depend on for us from us even so well thanks a lot smoggy for these insights and thanks for watching

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