The Movies PC Game – Advantages of Nursing Informatics Specialist and Brief History (Educational)

another advantage a nursing student can get when he or she takes up nursing informatics is the edge against nursing graduates that doesn't know about the subject itself in the past 25 years and I specialists emerged as a new specialty by the AMA 1980s during this period the field of informatics emerged in the health care industry and nursing and I became an accepted specialty and many nursing experts entered the field in the year nineteen eighty one there are 15 verses who specialized in ni in the year nineteen ninety the number of an eye specialist increased by five hundred percent that's approximately five thousand nurses in the year 2000 and I specialists increased again by five hundred percent that's now approximately 30,000 mi specialist in the year 2010 it is anticipated that the majority of nurses entering the profession will be computer literate let's make another scene nurse wallets and nurse Koothrappali our friends they applied for the vacant position at dr. Holst eiders Memorial Hospital but it looks like Lady Luck frowns at them at that moment for there's only one vacant position left but nurse Wolowitz is a nursing informatics specialist while nurse Koothrappali is not which gives nurse wall though it's a better edge against nurse Koothrappali after some time nurse Wolowitz received a phone call that says he got the job to NR 22 let's give nurse Wolowitz a round of applause as for nurse Koothrappali just keep your heads up and better luck next time that's the edge of nursing informatics specialists have and who knows maybe in the near future more advancement will happen to ni robo nurse for instance thanks for watching this video and we hope you have learned a lot

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