The IoT and AR are Reshaping the Way Service is Provided

I'm Ron bertolini with newsrooms while the use cases for IOT and the enterprise are many the most immediate impact has been in service by continuously monitoring products there's more to learn about how they're being used in the field what's causing downtime and so maintenance becomes predictive that is we continuously and in real-time monitor the health and status of our medical instruments and take mitigating actions before the instrument causes downtime that's a powerful example of how we use IOT technology today it's not just IOT that's transforming service for the enterprise ARS providing support to field service technicians maximizing the uptime of products service technicians spend much too much time looking for information and augmented reality really addresses that problem by putting the right information in front of them at the right time I think augmented reality will change the service procedures quite a lot I personally believe that the impact of the servers will get much bigger than we thought so we want to try to raise the service level up to the next step that's our clear goal to do it within the next couple of years as companies continue to adopt IOT as part of their service strategy existing metrics will be improved and new metrics will be created such as how often did we not send service out for more on how I OT is affecting service in the enterprise don't forget to join the discussion in social media by following hashtag IOT Oh

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