THE Innovation and Impact Summit: Peter Mathieson

I think there are some really powerful challenges to universities right now posed by by a number one of the grand challenges that climbing outlined which can't be solved by individuals and need to be solved by collaboration universities are very well placed to to lead that work but also as I said an existential challenge I mean the idea that universities have big part of society for hundreds of years is being challenged there are electronic online providers that want to undercut universities there are government's saying why does it take three or four years to go degree why can't doing – I'm going to get in one there are people saying that the education no longer has the value that it used to have because everybody can educate themselves from the internet there are there are challenges to funding and university said all around the world there are numerous challenges and I think universities have to to actively oppose these and actively speak out about why we matter why globalization matters why education you know in my opinion education is the answer to all the world's problems why can't why doesn't everybody believe that why are there huge sections of society that don't believe in globalization don't believe in education I think we've really got a challenge on our on our hand and we have to step up and face it I think we have such fantastic raw materials in universities we have the brightest kids of their generation coming to study with us we have international experts in a whole range of subjects working in our in our universities so we are so well equipped to to address these charges I just think we can't be complacent I think we have to modernize and I think we have to recognize that there's whole parts of society that don't believe in what we believe in and we've got a task on our hands to to convince them we talk about impact as making a difference and making a difference can be very small so so we've got a student project in a poor part of Hong Kong where they provided new rules for the makeshift housing and that these residents were having to end you it's an illegal housing establishment they had no decent roofs and the students went and built roofs for them that's in fact that's making a difference to someone's lives that's fantastic it's not on a global scale it's a very local problem but actually that's a very powerful example of just making a difference I think and then the so we measure it by by by change by what's happened and like everybody else where we're devising ways of telling those stories and the next research assessment in Hong Kong which will be in 1920 will incorporate the impact in the same way that ref 2014 did in the UK and so we're learning from the UK's experience about how to measure impact and I think it's a very interesting literature I've always felt from my own field in medicine that impact is a gift I mean we can you know medicine medical research has direct impact of relevance to every human being on the planet it's much more difficult to measure for some of the other especially the arts and humanities and some of the other subjects so I think we can't have one model for all subject disciplines but basically it's ways of measuring the fact that's something that we've done and something our students or staff have done has made a difference in some part of the world you

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