THE Innovation and Impact Summit 2017: closing video

and welcome to The Times Higher Education innovation and impact on me I really enjoyed Charles can you dance talk the point he made the innovation does not necessarily mean an invention and also for those innovations can be both positive and negative improving people's lives is anybody humanity it's closer for up with new ideas to put you maybe one of you has at least 10 arms so you might well ask well where are my 10 and the answer is they're in here we are no longer as universities providers of all the wisdom and information that there is in the world the excellence is the pinnacle cannot be sustained without the depth without the wit of engagement and partnerships to really solve some of these glacial and Jerzy Buzek debt all over ivory tower ten years from now we will have 700 million people who will need higher education in the university of hong kong we've tried very hard to engineer interdisciplinarity it doesn't just happen on its own and we've actually engineered it with with a radical reform of the way that we budget the university that you do have the responsibility to change the world for the better I wanted I'm taking away the QR disruptive nice message is that you should try to be entrepreneur from the very beginning I think that myself that the role of universities should be training people how to think even India is facing the challenge of normal people with the right skill set to meet the demand which India already had let alone what it will have in the future this time next year rather than you and I talking to each other on the stage and to algorithms interacting or all of them may be may be unfair over my budget like a little over a year – no matter where we stand – learn from other institutions I think is anyway the further improve ourselves thank you to president Tong and the team at Hong Kong poly news for hosting the inaugural times higher education innovation and impact summit the summit has had a real impact already helping times higher education change and develop its performance analyses and I hope inspiring you all to make changes in your institution and we're going to be back in this region very soon in early July for our research excellence summit focusing on the asia-pacific region we hope to see you all in July in flight row

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