The Impact of Nursing Informatics

hi I'm Elizabeth and I'm Chrissa today we're going to talk about nursing informatics from future nurse practitioners I have all these patient files and I just don't know what to do with them or how to keep track of them all oh my gosh we never heard of an EHR and EHR say goodbye to paper documents electronically that means it's very important for nurses to understand the concept of health informatics health informatics especially when it comes to nursing helps you identify manage and communicate data information knowledge and wisdom hey can you order this prescription for me yeah no problem this looks like a pain prescription but I can't read it a big component of EHRs are computerized physician order entry or CPOE before CPOE nurses had to transcribe provider orders by hand this proved to be a challenge due to hard to read handwriting and human error during transcription now the right medication dose and frequency can be inputted with the click of a button wow that alarm is really giving me a headache I agree here I know how to turn it off good yeah with so many new systems for patient care nurses perform shortcuts to overcome obstacles when it comes to caring for a patient these are better known as work arounds where girls help Tammy tackle or achieve it faster and although work rounds can provide a solution to common problems that we face in some instances they can actually put a patient safety at risk this day blend bothersome alarms could potentially risk missing a real problem hey mr. Hanson we're gonna give you some medicine to help with your strep throat let's give him 750 milligrams of penicillin right now I'm gonna get an 8 hours ok mr. Hanson here's your medicine wait wait what's happening his heart rate just tripled and he's having trouble breathing you did check the chart right of course I took the chart to further improve patient safety medical errors need to be reported so that they can be analyzed and solved this is essential so that medical providers can learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others ryoko's analysis is the process that medical professionals use to identify the root cause of problems not only is it identifying problems but also coming up with techniques to prevent mistakes before they happen in this situation the root cause of the problem was the failure to check the chart now listen closely we're here to tell you about the five rights of medication administration one the right patient to the right time in frequency three the right dose for the right route five the right medication do you remember if John Smith in room five or John Smith in room one is diabetic in Eaton's one no idea flip a coin smart actually not smart not knowing who receives what medication could put a patient's health at risk one innovative technique that could potentially reduce the number of medication errors to patients is barcode labeling barcode labeling is a procedure of matching all patient wristbands with corresponding medications and other critical information this new system would require all medical professionals to scan both the patient's wristband and the medication to double-check for accuracy before administering the drug in the field of advanced nursing health informatics is crucial to being a competitive candidate for future job opportunities in any health environment informatics is going to be used in day-to-day activities being on top of your game and knowing informatics beforehand will give you the advantage at your workplace we encourage everyone to get a better understanding of health informatics to stay up to date and an ever-changing technological world

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