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welcome to the insert coin theater podcast episode 26 great to see you hope you are having a lovely lovely week it has been two weeks since the last episode and I apologize life has been a little hectic lately as can be expected but we are here we're back I'm very excited I missed you all and in this episode we're gonna talk about the Intellivision Amoco which you may not have heard of as well as the randy pitchford a hissy fit incidents and quite possibly some other things that we can touch on but we'll focus on those two to start and we'll see where we end up with that said let's start the show welcome back and thank you for being here I missed you guys two weeks is a long time without a show unfortunately life got a little hectic I was feeling pretty burnt out with retrofit of takin over a lot of time and adjusting to the new cycle that that kind of brought on was a little difficult and so I took two weeks ago off to kind of recover mentally from that and in that in that meanwhile my grandfather passed away and so I just was not in a mental headspace to really jump into another episode of the podcast but here we are I'm back from a surprise trip to Ohio for his funeral and we are back at it and honestly I'm glad to be it's it's really hard to keep flip-flopping schedules and things like that I'm a very schedule driven person so it's a little difficult for me to miss weeks because I get a little antsy sometimes like even missing the week that I took off to help my brain kind of regenerate a bit I was sitting there like I got to create something I got to make a podcast I got to do something and so it gets very difficult for me specifically to focus I'm very driven and I don't know I just I have a very specific schedule I like to follow much like my dog ash I'm very schedule driven so when it comes to specific things at specific times I'm very impatient to do them and I like to create making stuff talking to you guys creating content playing games with you all that that sort of stuff is my passion and it's where my heart is and so it's very hard for me to miss weeks of that or miss time of that and I had to miss a couple of days this weekend I mean I'm not saying I lament it because it's very important to do family stuff and have family time and to regenerate your brain but let's just say I'm back at it chomping at the bit to get going and I'm so happy to be back and I missed you guys it was nice to see family even if the circumstances were less than ideal but I'm quite pleased to be back and I hope you guys feel the same I hope you guys are excited about some some more gaming news that has come out recently oh boy so let's let's jump in so the Intellivision amico was announced a while ago flew totally under my radar didn't know it existed and yeah the Amoco is a thing it is a console coming out by Intellivision Entertainment rebooted by Tommy Tallarico the musician and general game dude he's very talented guy and he is heading up the the company now and it's really cool because Intellivision has focused this game console on a very specific price point even though it's still on the drawing board and they're still working on it but they've got some some rough drawings on it they've produced a video showing off what it has but they're doing remasters and remakes of classic and television games each game is projected to be less than 8 bucks on the console it's supposed to be a very family-friendly console is the goal it's gonna have several built-in titles as well as twenty more games in its online store at launch and like I said eight dollars or less between like three and eight dollars or the games and the console itself is supposed to be between a hundred and forty nine and one hundred and seventy nine dollars which is pretty crazy the controllers are touchpads but they also have touch screens on them as well which is gonna be really fascinating to see I guess there's a couple of them and I'm sure it work I think it works via bluetooth or 2.4 gigahertz wireless so you can have multiple controllers attached to it to play couch co-op games it won't have like on online play or anything like that but it will have an online store where you can purchase things and according to Tallarico he said we are creating a console that parents want to buy not that they were asked to buy most every game being made for the home consoles these days is created with only the hardcore gamer in mind we see a world where everyone is interested in playing at home and with friends but this isn't currently possible because the barrier to entry is nearly impossible for a non gamer due to the complexity of the controllers intricacy of gameplay expensive the hardware and software and steep learning curve with an unbalanced form fact fun factor for the beginner our goal was to create a console that both gamers and non-gamers are able to have fun with and play together in television amico is our answer to this gaping hole we see within the current video game industry and interestingly I tend to agree the barrier to entry for modern gaming is very difficult especially for certain people who are who haven't grown up with that in mind so it's very much that retro throwback kind of console that leaves you kind of with the nostalgia brought on by that so it'll be really interesting because it'll have accelerometers in the controller which enables for all sorts of you know gameplay options Allah the Wii it'll have accelerometers gyroscopes the usual stuff and I guess it'll have to eight people on the device and you can use your smartphone to actually interface with the device and use it as a controller which should be pretty interesting I don't know how that's gonna work apparently they're reimagining the titles Astra smash snafu Tron deadly disks and star strike and it'll have a version of cloudy mountain crown of kings which is a Bri branded tank on the advanced theme in the AD&D cloudy mountain game and interesting to see it'll have what else are they gonna have shark shark baseball skiing math fun utopia frog bog boxing bowling triple action a horse racing auto racing b-17 bomber and those are all in television titles and then for Atari they're gonna have pong asteroids centipede tempest adventure Missile Command yars revenge breakout lunar lander night driver skydiver and warlords from a magic microsurgeon Atlantis demon attack and Dracula and then it'll have minor 2049 err super Burger Time bad dudes caveman ninja moon Patrol r-type 10-yard fight loadrunner spelunker kung fu master moto race us a tropical angel Archon and toe jam and earl and it has been confirmed that there will be a new earth worm jim title released specifically for this now from my understanding the goal is to only produce 2d games so they're not aiming for the whole 3d spiel the whole 3d stick with it they're trying to avoid doing a 3d deal they're trying to keep it all 2d and classic and retro and very accessible and simple they said that every title on the console will be team friendly so there will be no teen mature adults only rated titles there will be no in-app purchases or DLC of any kind and they're really aiming at Erie 10-plus for everything so it's very very interesting I I don't know what to think on one hand I'm all about a new console catering to like retro and classic style gaming but on the other hand is this something the market once is this something that's needed like what when we come to modern gaming like I don't find the controllers to be that complex I feel like saying that there's a barrier to entry with controller complexity is a little much I mean most games use a joystick if not to the four face buttons and then triggers and bumpers aren't in every game so I don't know if you're playing a side scroller usually you won't use anything but the face buttons and a one of the one of the joysticks thinking Super Meat Boy type thing so I don't know if there's a mark to be hit here I'm not one to say that it's a bad idea like I said I'm kind of excited for it because I'm probably gonna buy in I think it's a very interesting concept I just don't foresee it doing SuperDuper well because of saying that there's complexity in the controls and then offering touch screens I feel like touch screens are more complex than a controller because you have hard buttons and a touchscreen you tend to miss buttons because you're trying to watch the screen while hitting non tactile buttons which can cause a lot of issues so I don't know I'm I'm feeling kind of confused on the market they're trying to hit in this it'll have USB connectors it's gonna have HDMI and I feel like yes those are simple connectors but the amount of features is offering kind of is counterintuitive to the simplicity they're aiming for I don't know I feel like not offering like a game cartridge system or something like that and doing it online is even more complex like what's simpler than going to a store picking up a physical cartridge popping in a mere machine and playing it there having an online store can really cause confusion for people that again they're not that complex as it is so I find I find in tendo's store to be unreasonably easy so I don't know how they plan to outdo Nintendo in that regard Nintendo is very much a simple system especially considering like you can use the joy Kahn's individually for most games and those are like four or five buttons it's really hard to get more simple than that so I just don't know who this is aimed at specifically is this aimed at old people is this aimed at small children is it that those two I just don't find that anybody who is a millennial parent or a Gen Z R ever wanting this maybe a baby boomer because they're still like what are video games aren't those for children type thing but I don't know I just I'm not entirely sure like there there's a whole sect of baby boomers who refuse to understand technology and try and yeah I mean that exists in the millennial generation a generation and gens E but when you look at those like we are much more tech-savvy because we grew up with that stuff so the aimed goal is not gonna catch the millennial or gen Z market very well and I really don't foresee this selling well to them and right now I mean the average gamer is 34 I think is what it said hold on a second me see if that's what it says yeah so the average the average age of a gamer today is 34 years old and the market reflects that with a broad array of games for people of all ages the is said by the ESRB and I don't know like 34 years old is pretty tech savvy age I'm four years out from that so I find that to be a little strange that that's what they're targeting I don't know maybe I'm maybe I'm missing a memo or missing something here but I feel like feel like this is really an interesting move and it's gonna be a very much a wait-and-see like I said I'm gonna buy in for the nostalgia just because I I want to see these recreations of classics and what they're there rien visioned takes our and how this console performs and possibly what mods could be done to it because I'm a bit of a tinkerer but I don't foresee your average 34 and under person you're eighteen to thirty seven range or whatever it is right now for the average the median age of gamers that that age range I don't foresee them jumping on this for a hundred and fifty bucks I mean it the price is right that's for sure that's not a bad price and at eight bucks or less a game that too is a pretty dang good value so looking at games like earthworm jim and po jam and earl and such i think that's great i think that'll do pretty pretty dang well at least for what consoles they sell but 150 bucks still isn't cheap and i think people are gonna so this is set to release in 2020 okay so their release that they gave was was twenty twenty they said october 10th which is very oddly specific here's the problem they're gonna be going up towards where the new next-generation consoles come out they're gonna be eaten alive by those the PS 5 and the next xbox are gonna just devour it and i think i think their timing is just gonna be bad and i really have a hunch that they're gonna not do super well because of that and i'm really not trying to poopoo it because like i said this sort of thing the console looks pretty dope and i would love to get my hands on it but I just feel like saying that I don't know if I agree with with Tallarico here he says that the the complexity of controllers and the intricacy of gameplay are in the expense of hardware and software with a steep learning curve with an unbalanced fun factor for beginners is a barrier to entry and if I'm being real if you've played Angry Birds if you've played a candy crush like those games get they're simple but they're no more complex than some of the the triple-a titles you buy I mean the I don't know I don't I don't find the assassin's Creed games in excessively difficult I mean they've sold millions of copies millions and millions I feel like I feel like saying that it's aimed at hardcore gamers is a bit of a misnomer because I feel like we've really had a push lately to include the more casual gamers which is why games like Assassin's Creed are much more accessible and so popular games like Far Cry 5 games that have been around like the Call of Duty games they're simple in terms of their appeal in terms of what they offer I don't know maybe I'm reading too much into it and maybe I just don't know that older market which is quite possible I just don't know I mean it's something that my mom might like and I'm not calling my mom old or anything but she's not a gamer but then again I just don't see my mom sitting down and playing games on a console so it's her her priorities lie elsewhere and her interests lie elsewhere and I find that to be true for most people beyond the age of in the baby boomer generations and beyond and I just I find that their interests don't really lion gaming and it's an interesting market to target I just don't think it's gonna fly I think it's too little too late maybe 10 5 10 years ago this could have done really well but October 10 2020 is still over a year away and um I don't know I'm worried I feel like in television may have made a mistake there I think I think it's just not I hate to say that because I I think it's a stellar idea I just think it's too little too late honestly I just I don't know though I'm not sure sorry I had to get a drink oh boy that's good water that's good water well that is the Intellivision amico and that's gonna come out October 10th supposedly at a 149 to 179 price point I'm hoping to get my hands on one so I can test it out and try it and play it because I think it would be fun to play I just I don't know I just there's so many questions with no answers and boy I just don't know how you're gonna have a full-color touchscreen on each controller on two controllers that come with it and build a console for less less than 150 eso you know MSRP I just don't I just don't know how that's gonna be unless you're using really old hardware under the hood or raspberry PI's or something maybe I don't know I'm not sure it'd be interesting to see I can't wait to see what the hardware looks like and with that said we're gonna go ahead and take a short break and go ahead and have a word from our sponsors so thank you very much we're gonna talk about Randy Pitchford after this and gearbox software oh boy I'm so excited about that we'll be right back and for those of you watching thank you for watching I appreciate it I hope you guys are enjoying the show let's keep going y'all back thank you for your patience thank you for listening to our wonderful sponsors and if you're watching on retro fees or a video version of this podcast in some form or fashion thank you for sticking around I appreciate it greatly all right let's jump into the next topic this one's a doozy so head of gearbox software Randy Pitchford I am not unusual in the fact that I think he's a bit of a whiny whiny boy boy so in the run-up to your gearboxes release of Borderlands 3 Randy Pitchford has gone full Pitchford and this is not unusual for him but in this case we've seen some some weirdness here so game informer made a an article and they said despite gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford is comment about no micro transactions in Borderlands 3 during today's live stream we've been told cosmetic items are still purchasable so what happened is during the press conference during the reveal gameplay event randy pitchford said there would be no micro transactions at all in Borderlands 3 we come to find out very quickly that you'll still be able to purchase cosmetic items in-game as microtransactions you you can purchase individual skins and those individuals skins you purchase individually they're not like packs they're not unlike loot boxes or anything which is still microtransactions so this article went up and Randy Pitchford through a hissy fit will say that much so Annie McNamara from Game Informer he clapped about it and and he literally was like I can't believe what they're saying and they're they're making up lies about me and they're trying to drag me and all this stuff and Annie McNamara from G I said in my opinion you can't say no microtransactions when there's microtransactions and then be angry we made a tweet focusing on that angle apologies you don't like the despite Duvall magic which is Randy Pitchford tweaked Twitter name it clarifies what we feel is a misleading comment which the story lays out clearly yes Cosmetics have no influence on gameplay but they are indeed microtransactions many free-to-play games use that as their only monetization I feel the comments about my team and our outlet are uncalled for and I back our reporting in this case so the post that he made so Randy Pitchford hos posted a comment at the top of our on this game informer tweet about their article and he said and I will quote come on guys she D clickbait headline literally seconds before I said that I made it very clear we're going to do more cosmetic stuff like we did in Borderlands 2 you know I was talking about premium currency and loot boxes kind of stuff not being in our game why you guys would eff me and I'm censoring the F word there F me on this is beyond me thanks a lot so so then that was Andy Andy made that response to him about you know saying in my opinion you can't say no microtransactions when there's microtransactions because it is what he said in the live stream if you go back and watch it randy said no microtransactions too tumultuous applause so Randy Rufus goes on so stick with me it's a ride so Randy replies to Andy and it Randy Pitchford replies to Annie McNamara from GI and says I cannot believe that your response here is to double down on an implication made in the tweet that I was being misleading watch the stream for yourself I was doing the opposite of being misleading this was the most transparent preview event I have ever heard of that's funny in its own right being he's being very hyperbolic there and being a very he's exaggerating a lot because transparency from Randy Pitchford is never really a thing but we'll go on andy replied clear would be a statement like quote we have microtransactions but they are cosmetic and don't affect gameplay end quote that's my opinion calling us names doesn't seem constructive I'm sorry we disagree which Pitchford replied I said exactly that but in Reverse I literally said we are doing campaign DLC in cosmetics but not free-to-play then quote no microtransactions and quote was obviously additive to the free-to-play comment the record of prior borderlands games are all part of the context you know this and then he made another first he continued randy pitchford made another post separate of that conversation and said I'm just so hurt right now Andy I've swallowed so much for so many years of folks on your side of this industry profiting off of making me out as if I'm some kind of prophet only gamer exploiting liar that right there is what sent me over the edge okay so regardless of the context of what Randy said which was very clearly no microtransactions even though there are micro transactions in said game he was he was he did not clarify it very well if at all but that said his reply there was very much a gamergate dog whistle and so here is here is why gamergate uses the the front end of game journalists all being corrupt and awful and hating games and being purchased which is all lies just stick with me here if you hate game journalists for no other reason than being bought you do not do research and you need to really dig into it without looking at gamergate centric sites but that said gamergate itself delves into a whole of really dangerous things imagine 4chan but focused on the hatred of game journalists and people in gaming in general so and let me let me qualify that with I I was very distinctly involved with the gamergate movement at first I am 100% ashamed of it but I do own it and it is a disgusting vile thing being in there I saw the evolution of it from the rallying of game publications being corrupt and taking money from from game companies while giving ten out of tens to those game companies and digging up dirt on that to a targeted harassment campaign against people who definitely didn't deserve it women trans people gay people black people just just any minority in the industry that they really wanted to focus on and try to ruin their careers which indeed funnily enough created careers for several people who were those targeted interestingly enough people like let's throw the names out there is oe Quinn her career has been nothing but better since that all went down Brianna woo her career has been nothing but better since that all went down and the others that were focused on that the Anita sarkeesian was another that was heavily targeted and she's been doing great as well so interestingly enough it did not do a whole lot except for really be a scary and disgusting time to be involved in an event in an event like that so that said I own that I was involved I never participated in any targeted harassment but because I was involved indirectly that really made me scummy and I have since learned the error of those ways and I have since made recompense and I know that I'm qualifying a lot with that but I wanted to really give a background on why I'm familiar with this and why I know what gamergate is because I was involved with it I was part and I was pretty deep down the rabbit hole so with that said it's very important for you to understand that that gamergate is a of people now that have fragmented and splintered but still will rally around people who say things like folks on your side of the industry this is not an us-versus-them game journalists are gamers they play games just like you and I they might be critics they may be news delivers they may write stories about them but they are not enemies this is the same kind of stuff that is used in our modern media where people use fake news fake news all mainstream media's fake news it's frustrating it's the same rhetoric and using that rhetoric to dog-whistle to people to pile on a game publication especially game informer game informer is actually one of the good ones it's one of the few that has really delivered news that I like and I'm not I'm not knocking like Kotaku like they're not great they have a long way to go to really be where they should but they have some really good writers there and also IGN stuff like that like they're not terrible they're not great but they they do deliver news and they do it you know they do it in a timely manner and that's important like you have to have those news outlets because word of mouth does not spread the news quickly enough and that is what it is with that said when he says something like folks on your side of the industry is saying it's an us-versus-them it's a weird gear box I'm gearbox to CEO back me up here guys because he then goes on to say as if I'm some kind of prophet only gamer exploiting lyre and playing the victim here is not gonna do you much there Randi a problem that he runs into is saying that gamer exploiting and making me out to be is playing the victim and playing that card so saying folks on your side you're the enemy I am the innocent victim here please gamers back me up because saying I'm some kind of prophet only gamer exploiting liar is definitely one of those look at me it's it's it's a dog whistle it's trying to get people to rally to his aid and to dog pile on Annie McNamara here and GI I'm not saying that people aren't deserving of of a little bit of scrutiny I'm not saying that these these journalistic outlets are not worthy of scrutiny or criticism they certainly are but I mean sowe're games so we're game developers so is Randy Pitchford he is not above criticism and playing a victim here acting as if the media is vilifying him for literally quoting him in context and giving actual evidence and quotes like I don't get it I don't get his side of this and he's really trying to rally the troops in my opinion from my point of view to really back him up and right now the only people that are truly like desperately against game journalists are really the heart the remaining gamergate people I have come to grips with yes there are bad journalists just as there are good journalists that's life there are good gamers and there are bad gamers there are good authors and there are bad authors there are good podcasters and bad podcasters I'm on that said I'm just out of los here there's really only one group that's going to rally to that kind of a call that your side of the industry called the us versus them who else is against journalism as a whole gamergate so that's that's that's ultimately what the the rabbit-hole he is jumping down in this and it's very frustrating to me to see because randy pitchford has not done this just once so jason jason Schreyer who is a news editor at Kotaku posted back in 2016 in september 29th to be exact that battleborn is going free-to-play soon with a source on Kotaku okay that same day randy pitchford wrote a tweet that said i was just told about a reckless story about battleborn going free-to-play that is false there are no plans to convert battleborn free-to-play calling the story reckless is again painting news media as a bad thing come a year later and a battle born goes free-to-play june 6 27 teen there was an article battle born goes free-to-play go figure no plans to go free-to-play mmm-hmm the song and dance is not unusual for randy pitchford and I'm not knocking on the guy too terribly hard I just think that he is extremely whiny and he plays himself to be a victim every time that any press is brought up negatively about him or gearbox and I don't know this was the same guy that if I remember correctly got into hot water about leaving a USB stick somewhere Missy I want to see if I can remember this correctly yeah yeah yeah yeah so so randy pitchford left a USB stick of porn and sensitive company documents at medieval times let me make sure that that's still correct but he he went on the Ars Technica pod Couture he went they went on a podcast it was uh let's see was it he went up HOD cast and gosh man it was pretty crazy where he actually admitted to it and yeah it's it's a whole mess like he left and I guess the the pornography on the USB stick was of a sensitive nature as well and that was earlier this year was that this year yeah that was in January so this isn't the only time that Randy Pitchford has been painted in a negative light for doing stupid things or saying stupid things and this this is just another another nail in that coffin I think in my opinion gearbox needs to drop the guy just my two cents I think I think Pitchford is a liability I think he is reactionary and a whiner and I'm not a big fan of that personally so from where I sit Randy Pitchford you need to chill out bro the dude needs to learn to shut his mouth I think is the problem and I know I'm being a little harsh here but honestly the level of whining and dog whistling and ooh sorry about that noise that was really loud I didn't mean to do that sorry the amount of whining and dog whistling and complaining that he does is so bad for PR and I know a lot of people who are like I don't know like I don't know if I want to invest in something that's gonna support this guy cuz the beaut okay twelve million dollar bonus allegedly so I don't know man I just feel like I just feel like he's he's a liability and they needed to either shut him up or shut him down that's my two cents I know that only means so very much but I figured I'd give my my point of view there while you guys kind of form your own opinion based on the news I have presented whoo well that was exciting and with that said I think that we will go to another sponsored break before we wrap up oh we will be right back thank you for your patience enjoy this word from our ever so lovely sponsors be right back and we will end up the show right over here and welcome back thank you very much for your patience and thank you for listening to our ever so crispy eesti tasty sponsors all right this has been an episode of the insert coin theater podcast it's produced by meets him but it's more than just this podcast of course it's also live streams three days a week mondays are not Mondays Mondays today's Monday Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time over on mixer comm slash insert coin theater you can also find me on Twitch Facebook YouTube gaming all of that stuff same deal insert coin theater and of course you can join the vibrant and inclusive community over on discord at discord dot GG slash ICT and if you'd like to help me do 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that you guys have spent this time with me and I will see you all next week I promise I will do everything in my power not to take two more weeks in a row off but sometimes life gets in the way that said thanks for listening and I'll talk to you next time

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