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so what I love about the work you guys do you and Jeff is is this idea that anybody can be innovative you don't have to be someone special born that way like a Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos but what so what are they what are the key behaviors and how do you how do you become innovative if you're not instantly that way very crested so basically we interviewed over 100 plus innovators and realize there were patterns in how they behave so if you and I shadowed them and watch them for a day and just trailed them we'd see them asking tons of provocative questions to push and challenge the status quo we'd see them out there observing the world like anthropologists think design thinkers going out and doing their sort of observational work they talk to people who are just not like them they don't think like them they don't have experiences like them they're very different perspectives they're willing to try just about anything experiment the heck out of the world so they're always trying to cheap quick fast experiments and all of that behavior helps them to think differently so when they have to combine things and new and create a different ways that nobody else is seen before yeah all of that homework that work they do every day helps them get these really disruptive insights and how do they make sure that those idea insight so anybody wouldn't have an idea but how do you execute how do you better you okay I'll just people necessarily good at executing so really there are two parts of that question one piece is all ideas are not created equal so if I've got somebody sitting in their office just being creative and coming up with some idea versus someone else who gets out of their office does this active discovery work you know they're out there observing and talking and trying and experimenting and they come up with an idea that second person's idea is just better and less risky than the first person's and that's sort of the energy that creates ideas that aren't just creative but they actually make impact and the second part of that is all disruptive innovators not all but most disruptive innovators are not good executors they don't have the behavioral skills or interest in getting things done the way someone who's just results-focused and driven and so what we've noticed is in general these are teams of people who complement each other and together at the top and throughout an organization they pull off great ideas and make them happen what I love about the list too is is is the the names of companies because it's unlike I haven't heard a lot of these companies have been doing this for a while it's in even the top ten there's this Brazilian cosmetics company called matura mm-hmm what's going on with that why are they ranked so highly and and how does how is cosmetics even on par with semiconductors in the internet some of they much faster paced industries that's the same thing we notice Bruce which is basically you've got a very diverse set of industries on this list and it almost feels random but when you poke inside of it like in a Turkish meta coast in Brazil you've got this company where three people collaboratively run the top of that system they're three co-ceos they're very different people different skills different backgrounds different perspectives and that diversity at the top enables them to only pay attention to the bottom line but they care deeply about the social and environmental impact of their work and they get out and they employ and use their people to go into Brazil and beyond to source unique new natural products for their cosmetics to respect the communities they get those products from and deliver it to consumers in a way that's valuable and exciting to them

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