The complete soccer guide for beginners, IQ, technical, skills, juggling & more

hi guys in today in this guide I'm gonna be showing you guys the basics to soccer and um just like moves and stuff the basic moves in the bass basic technical and IQ to being a decent soccer player so let's get into it is the classic um I don't know what you want to call it but 90-degree angle turn or maybe you could call your be cut there's two different ways to do it so one is pull it back and like go downfield you could go like this pull it in with your far foot pull-ups you're inside of your left foot take it touch this way cause anything keep going that way but um but they don't know what you do so once you do moves to first step if you play on the soccer team don't know what you're doing so then they think you're gonna go this way you take a touch this way if you're kind of in the back maybe you can hit it up into the box if you're kinda on the brighter side of the field so that's an export important skill to have so I'll just demonstrate that one more time for you guys so touch it but yeah those are the basic ones at you I'll also give you guys a little tip on juggling real quick um juggling it's hard for a lot of people but it's really not that hard once you learn the basic knowledge of it so once you want to do with juggling a lot of people say you touch it with a little bit with a small ball as you can see but here's another tip if you guys want to get really good at juggling and you're not really making any difference with real soccer balls just get a super small ball maybe size three at the biggest or just like a softball like this woman oh there we go dodge ball just um just with smaller balls that's even harder every time so it'll get your touches matter and um your technique on the ball better so one of the best soccer player uses is messy Leo Messi he takes touches with the outside of this his but this way he can accelerate with speed really fast or he can do really amazing skill is the classic the classes the classic classic scissors whatever you want to pull it just like a quick move like you change your speed keed you toy speed to go up to the implement scissor touch the right in just speed off do scissor take it too much hey baby hit it or maybe jewel so here is what that looks like do you want to take your left foot or maybe right foot for me it's gonna be my left foot starting out because it's closer this week so once you probably three feet before you take them on and do a little move scissor is probably the best for that so what you wanna do for the scissor shake your out your left foot which always left for me or you could do right and then take the touch with the left I'm gonna do a website here for you guys and sync so you do it so you do a scissor there's a lot and then bring this foot in touch the right maybe hit it or keep your line just keep your opponent out in their toes if you see a forward 1v1 like up top and he's pretty fast and you want to play the ball to me feel like um the two left and right minute if you're one of those positions or maybe even left a new ad you can play a simple ball Oh probably maybe like to the side they can keep it touch to maybe take your touch to the right of the goalie get hit it also you can do another scissor against a boy like this like that says they're against the goalie because most likely boys aren't gonna come out and dive on you they're gonna come out like this see someone's coming at you at the wall and I'm the boy they're gonna go this most likely want to dive on your touch cuz they're gonna come out if they're at least okay because they want on in if you are a boy on breakaway make sure to come out because there's no way you're gonna walk if you don't come out there's no good ending to if you don't come out and just take a shot from here great passing you come out you cut down the angle and I think I'm a left-back myself sometimes to my left knit but I do a ton of running it's something to help with that and I'm going to 11 B 11 right now so I don't know what to expect like I started all of me to be 11 on the 24th into I think when your left back left mid right back right oh man I know forwards right a lot too but the outside people have to run so much again up and down the field come back for attacks and come back for defending another player comes surge guarding you which would make a double team right you should try to dribble through them unless you're already pretty much passed other words you have a ton of space and you're pretty fast and you can just run the other would um see so if you're running with like you're one be running into it defender you get past them another defender comes to you you sprint off with the ball you this and say like you're left mad or something is running up the sideline and like kind of cutting to the middle you play lacrosse field which the right back will not be expecting the left man for left word which everyone it is to be making that run so all you need to do there's a big a chip or simple chip pass maybe or like floater pass depending on how far they're so that's pretty much the basics all I want to say when you're landing like after like when you're landing never ever like make sure your feet are flat on the ground even if you don't win the ball not winning the ball is way better than being out for a couple seasons if you win like this like that on your heel you're gonna be out for at least if it's if you lean hard you're gonna be out out for at least a couple of seasons you know I mean I was about two weeks ago or two but yeah about a month ago maybe two weeks a guy landed on my back here right here in script although my Kili dumped my heel my heels to hurt still to this day it is pretty swollen so we saw trainer and he said yeah every single day if you can't make it one day just be sure to make it up like the next week or something um always be outside taking touches on the ball because the best thing you can do to keep oh really good trick that I learned over the years for running if you just do full sprint the entire like neighborhood Street that's not that's not gonna do anything yeah it's good for you but it's not gonna do these traits um just exercise that I'm going to tell you so see you're these three things say they're middleboxes and you're like ah or something so here we're here just say these are mailboxes so you start at this one you started actually at your mailbox your neighbors or next neighbors so you so you started off walking to this one to this one in the bully sprit to the next one and then after the sprint one you start walking again to the next mailbox if your mailboxes are a mile apart like you live in the country they do it like wait card in between the mailboxes in the third so you're constantly walking running and jogging all different things and yeah another great exercise is when you're shooting the ball like practicing shooting and linking your backyard or something and you have a net make sure that we make sure you shooting the clocks way because you're never gonna make it big if you're still tolling it at age ten that's not gonna work out in the big leagues if you want to make you better make sure you don't like hit it like like don't shoot with the inside of your foot yeah that's how you make it like short pass but don't shoot like that just please do me a favor don't you like that next is the correct way to shoot is like this so this is the ball make sure to shoot like right here right there right on this part of the foot like right here wherever it feels most comfortable around tip I have is when you're shooting in the backyard never just like get the ball put it here and shoot it are you really gonna take that many free kicks alone take one free cake no you're not you're never gonna do that you're never gonna take more than three free kicks in a game and if you do that's great for you get the other two thousand but there's like one in 20 chance at that Tina happened so what you want to do is you want to make maybe take a tush do a couple blues and then strike it because that's what you're going to be doing in the games or just like pass it into the night pass it into like a fence or something do a couple moves even if you don't have a goal do a couple moves hit it to a fence like kind of like a chip pass or something just it's but it works so up like in the games in the set the ball on top of grass or like this endeavor and that much time shaking the free kicks on the teeth like I'm usually taking the free kick it does not help with anything doing this no it doesn't really and it doesn't help you Oh cuz I already explained that it doesn't help you at all because he knows this you like any game and you know your shoe they do a couple moves fake their shot and they actually made me think again invention the boys never know when they're shooting especially if they windup like that take a touch around the defender gets you closer like no you're actually I'm pretty good so that's basically it for this guide if you guys have really liked this video and you want me to do more soccer video which I will sort them outside it's just 10:28 at night yeah I just make sure to subscribe in comment in this comments actually section soccer hey boys well do clear my grammar out and while you're at it because I cannot talk right now so see you later make sure to LIKE subscribe and turn on the bail notification minds will comment while you're at it see you guys tomorrow bubbly

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