The Azure IoT team gets ready for Microsoft Build 2019

hey everyone this is Oliver your host on the IRT show today we have a very special episode for you it's an episode about build and how we're preparing for it we're here in building 40 40 is the home of the azure IOT engineering team and what we're gonna do is we're gonna stop here and they're in this building for you to meet the engineers the speakers for builds were preparing content demos and announcements for you so we're gonna stop in the coffee shop and you can stop in the kitchen we're gonna stop in some secret room that we have up there don't miss any of that immediately on the audition we're here on the second floor that's one of the main kitchen of the building where people are getting their morning coffee and so on I found immanuel immanuel just picked him in in the i.t edge workspace and it was pretty hectic down there you guys are preparing to ship stuff right lots of spam thing going on and yes lots of demos to prepare so we are actually gearing up there's gonna be one session on i.t edge you'll be presented with chapala on that session can you tell us a little bit without spoiling the news the main things people should expect from this session yeah sure so several announcements some about how to go into more production grade environments was more like hive ability scenario how to do machine learning at the edge in a more scalable way how to do integrations as well with many partners and how to like build your solutions and get started in an easier way also so guys don't miss a manual and chapala for this ith session let's go check out some other place in the building forty right now so we're here on the third floor of the building forty where I live and this is one of my favorite rooms in the whole building it's called a Speak Easy room and you see this is a regular wall but no it's not actually there's a secret room behind that wall let's go near a and we have we'll hear okay thanks for coming well yeah so will I hear that you are in D cognition team right yes so what is it exactly so it's the team that's working on horns and computer vision and mixed reality also so we're here to talk about the build session that you and Matthew from the OT team are preparing yep which is about I will be talking about azure IOT digital twins and how to take information from the digital twin and see it in context in the real world with mixed reality so can you give me a concrete example I guess gonna have nice demos so without spoiling the whole thing because people I'm sure already getting excited but a concrete example of what kind of scenarios I you would be actually mixing mix reality and I will teach there it's a good question so the digital twin is all about connecting lots of information to this virtual world you often see that data in dashboards that is sometimes complex to navigate and so imagine taking the information and actually putting it in your physical space so imagine being able to walk up to a machine and ask that or device and be able to hold up your phone or if you have a Hollande's you can interact with it heads-up hands-free and see that data over the device and be able to see the live tool amma tree coming out of it so that you can make you know better decisions also so like basically the older visions video we had like few years ago about IOT and all lands that's actually taking shape and becoming real right that's right yes so we'll show an experience around that yeah so you guys will see an experience we'll see an actual demo but you also get to learn how you do that right as a developer that's right yeah awesome thanks Bill for coming out thank you guys let's go and see another of our guests so we're back in lobby of Billy 40 and because not everyone is working in the office today and and every day so peter is one of the folks who are actually working remotely hey Peter how you doing I'm awesome Ashley I see you're working in your lab actually yeah I work from my home in Denver and my office is my Maker lab so I've always got projects on the go all around me lucky you so you're one of the speakers for build you can have a session about a few things things that we can talk about other things you can not talk about this is actually something that should interest you folks but still Peter can you tell us some about what's gonna happen during this session bill sure I would say ultimately this session is about how we we at Microsoft are simplifying IOT as our iot central hosted solution platform that you can use to build out the cloud side and the business side of your solution but there are also complexities that happen on the devices side and in this talk we're going to be covering all of that and try to present kind of a cohesive picture of why we've got the best set of solutions to help you build out what you need to do to get business value from IOT so what should someone expect from the session so yeah in this session you're gonna see a lot of demos of azure IOT central you're also going to see how we can use the various other technologies in round IOT central to allow you to go faster and farther it with your IOT solution and focus your efforts where you need to focus them which is on the product you're building and on the business outcomes that you want to get Peter you did a great job at tiptoeing around the topics you're not supposed to talk about that's great so guys they should actually give you a little hints that you should not miss the session there's gonna be big announcements that build around IOT and Peter will be actually presenting demos with some other folks around these new announcements announcements around devices but also around IRT central right Peter absolutely it's gonna be a great talk we're gonna talk about a lot of really interesting things I'm pretty sure anybody who's even slightly interested in IOT is gonna be sad if they miss this awesome thanks Peter for joining us remotely and toxicity we are here on the third floor of building 40 in front of one of the kitchens and some developers have been having fun here as you can see and we have seen Rick here with us and Ricky thanks for joining us and between meetings thanks for having me so shandricka is the PM lead for time series insights and we will be co-presenting a session right yeah and so this session will be about setting the stage for azure IOT services in the context of an IOT application you learn a lot about how you can you know get the enough from devices extract insights take action and I wanted Chandra cash Lee to tell us a bit more about what's gonna happen around data in that session yeah IOT data is fairly complex to deal with and a lot of it is time series and we were providing the time series insights the ability to bring they that fairly easily into the cloud and be able to process that data store that data and analyze that data to provide value in with scenarios like predictive maintenance etc so in the session I will be going through some deep demos that will show you those capabilities then we're super excited to be here and maybe you can actually without spoiling the news you can tell us about what's new ash we have some like bunch of things that are new to time series insights some that will be announced abilities do you don't talk today about but guys you should be excited because because we're bringing a value add capabilities inside of time series insights to provide industrial IOT great analytics with warm and cold storage capabilities and the ability to analyze that data in a seamless way inside a managed service so guys if you're not in the IT business stay well you'd be surprised when you develop your skills can do in an IT application especially if you're an expert in the data area come check out the session Chandrika will have fantastic demos looking forward to see you there then we're gonna check out someone else in the Xbox room thank you so now let's go to that room where Pamela is actually working something for build oh hi I am we're killing uh MX chip flour Mac space are you really I'm yeah I got I got Visual Studio code open right now and I'm Rio bring it right on okay pala so let's get start okay what is it that you were supposed to work on right now the hands-on labs for the hack space that build we're actually gonna be running about five to six different labs where you can actually get hands-on time with the products at a bunch of different dev kits and we have a bunch of engineers up there to answer questions and yeah come pick our brain so basically meet the azure IOT and hearing team come play with the SRT technology and and then you know get to spend time with us right yeah it's right next to the Starbucks cafe so come and meet us at the IOT Boop get your coffee fix and then meet us at the booth we'll be by and play with Azure RT yeah bring it okay okay I'll give you that one so guys if you're not excited about IOT at build this year I don't know what you need we're doing our best here so come and meet us well we will be down there we'll be presenting sessions will be running labs on the hack space we'll be presenting demos on the booth and another last thing to convince you to come and see us there's something wrong there's been inserted in this video today that if you find it you come to one of us and you tell us what do you think was wrong apart from my accent or something that eventually will give you an image shipboard to the first one who finds that yeah just approach oliviere myself at the hack space boots Oh see your deals right

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