The ARM University Program Launches the Mechatronics and Robotics Education Kit

mechatronics and robotic systems have been rapidly developed in the last decade and they have been widely used in many industries such as manufacturing processes autonomous cars drones and space applications as such it is crucial for students and future engineers to understand the underlying concepts and practical skills to design and innovate the next generation of intelligent mechatronics and robotic systems in light of this we launched the mechatronics and robotics education kit to train students and future engineers with the fundamental knowledge needed and equip them with the necessary skills to develop autonomous robotic applications as part of our ever-expanding set of arm university program education kits the mechatronics and robotics education kit includes full courseware of how to develop robotic systems that include motors sensors and autonomous control from design to manufacture using low-cost yet powerful arm based platforms the courseware is highly modular and includes a rich set of lecture slides with notes and lab manuals with solutions as with previous education kits from the arm university program the courseware covers fundamental theoretical concepts coupled with a hands-on approach that includes designing of motor control steering systems velocity and optical sensing control theory and system modeling the mechatronics and robotics education kit teaching materials are available free of charge to qualified academics from universities worldwide in addition to providing technical support in the courseware developments we work with our partners to support this mechatronics and robotics education kit with seed hardware to be donated to select academic adopters from universities worldwide donation requests should be made to the army diversity program at wwm comm ford slash university you

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    it's a cool video but got only 1000 views….. anyways thnx for information.

    May 22, 2019

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