Territory innovation story – Hew McDonald, Evolving Workshop Technologies

I’m one of those eccentric inventors out
in Howard Springs that came up with an idea many many years ago Many years ago my brother and I were
working under heavy earth-moving equipment and it was either lying on the
ground in the dirt underneath it or in a pit that was never the right depth and I
thought “gosh there must be a better way of doing this.” My original invention the elevating work platform for the mechanics pit creates a variable work environment for
the fixed asset pit. It allows you to work on all sorts of different equipment
that you can put over a pit from lawnmowers through to trucks, graders, bulldozers… ours is the first that goes from the top of the pit to the bottom of the
pit. It just seemed logical. It’s been read opted right across
northern Australia especially in northwestern Western Australia with Port
Hedland and now it’s gone from Australia to New Zealand and we recently did one
in Iowa in the United States and then there’s another company in Canada that
wants to do the same there so it’s flow on has been really positive and exciting We’ve had an evolution to go to the
portable pit, that means we can quickly install it somewhere out in remote
locations and they can have a maintenance facility up and running very
quickly and then can decommission it straight away, it’s not something that
has to be left behind Jobs that I do I’m always looking at a
more efficient way of doing things so I suppose yeah I would consider myself
an innovator, and I enjoy it too. I find my best thinking is when I’m doing something totally different, like walking the dogs or doing some gardening. It
clears my mind and suddenly think ‘oh yeah that’s how I can get around that’
and I can then come up with the solution and away we go. Because we’re isolated we have to think
outside the square, we have to be independent. You have to come up with
ideas and answers to solve your problems, you can’t just rely on going to Sydney
around the corner or Melbourne, you have to do it yourself. The recipe for a
successful innovator is dogged determination you will get setbacks,
you’ve got to have a passion for it to keep going but you’ve got to keep
pushing through and you’ve got to find a way around it. There’s no other thing
than your determination.

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