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Good Afternoon and Thank You so much
for taking the time to watch this short tutorial (5 min) on First you’re
gonna get this weird page here, let’s ignore it. Go over to the ” BUY ” click over go
down into the any of these sections will get you where you want to go. Now what
we’re going to do is go through and just customize your search, so we have
Longview Texas. Now we’re gonna go to price and for this search we’re
gonna stick under say $400.000 just for general minimum $150,000. Select the bedrooms, 3 plus bathrooms, I use 3 plus Bathrooms, we can always rule it out later, depending on how many
‘Hits” we get. We want to move on to the other selections. We’re looking at existing homes
and new construction, so you get everything right here. We can add more
filters we can expand the search. We did Longview Texas or we could put an address in and then say 5 miles from that address or include nearby areas. We
can go with home sizes lot sizes. Just I’m not sure about that one. Single story to story, central air and heat and then inside rooms. If you have
something you really want, if you have to have a dining room or family room, then
hardwood floors, click these and notice as you click them you will see the impact
it has on your number of listings available. So go through here click this
if you want an Office obviously there’s only one in this search that has it, with a basemnt it would probably be 0. Don’t forget to remove any
searches that is to restrictive. Let’s just go withit these are Outside features swing pool, spa hot tub, horse
facility , lot views, this is quite cool community amenities even more so, so this gives you full control over your searching including parking on a carport
RV. Now we’re going to click on the view “one listing” click on that. Here
scroll through the pictures, oh pretty I like this hardwood, my phone number always
right here. You’re doing tis right. Share this home if it’s
something you’re interested in and you want more information. Please put in my address [email protected] and then send it to me. When you do that, I will go to work to secure a tour and of course you could save this home. My phone is telling me about
this requested. Save the listing, I will get back in touch with you
relatively quickly with news from the listing agent or the owner of the
property. Now if you had any questions about the addresses say you want to find
out where this one is we have a map feature map feature give
you satellite view not a bad house and if you want to walk
down the street, sometimes it’s available sometimes it’s not, that’s not available
in this area. Okay, For directions, Thank you so much for watching!
I do believe you will get a lot of good use out of this tool.
I will take you back to Home, If you have any any questions at all
give me a call210-889-3283 Togethr we get you started.

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    Great Video. Looking Forward To More Content. Video Liked! 🙂

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