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hi I'm John Shak lady I'm lead Accenture's technology strategy practice global sensors one of the leading technology companies in the world technology strategy is right at the front end of that we're driving the new digital agenda for all of our clients our clients face many issues nowadays a lot of still grappling with the legacy both of their technology and their data as well as their workforce and supply chain at the same time they're getting very excited about the whole digital agenda and the rising consumer expectations so the challenge is how do you bridge the gap how do you rapidly rotate from the old to the new innovation is key to everything that we do in technology strategy we can tap into the whole innovation architecture of Accenture and we're using artificial intelligence to actually go out and scan these technologies and come up with the best use cases of a particular technology in a particular region for a particular industry we've also developed something called the simulator this is available now being rolled out to all of our innovation centers across the world and allows clients to come in and do a business simulation game where they can actually run the mythical business for three years and actually apply new technologies and investing growth efficiency productivity and really learn in a safe environment about the impact of new technologies analytics is playing an increasingly important part in our business no longer do we go in with hypotheses we now take claims data puts it through analytical engines and get real insight that's our starting point for strategy engagements nowadays my vision for the practice is to be the leading go-to technology strategy practice in the world for our clients and most importantly for our people this is the place to build your career this is a really exciting time to join our technology strategy business we are on the massive growth of agenda and we're looking for talent everywhere we're looking for deep industry skills deep technology skills and a real passion to learn come and join us you [Applause]

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