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hi my name is Marshall I am eighth grade math and science teacher I teach at a high school in Northern California in the poorest to school district actually in the state many of my students and also many of their parents are below normal reading standards and therefore when making this website I try to gear it towards my audience which is going to be much more comfortable using videos reading short concise and clear text rather than long-winded academic vocabulary heavy text so although yeah so what we walk you through this so basically this is my cover page it basically just goes over the intent of the website and I gave a little quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson who's awesome and then I basically broke it up into different sections so for parents this is just kind of what to expect out of my classroom and here I gave some links to games and games as we know can be an effective tool for students to further their understanding of topics so I gave some links to some simple games I also gave the link to a website that actually found which is really cool called legends of learning which I want to spend some more time with and actually really delve into I'll probably use it next year in my classroom there's lots of really great math and science games there so those are just some links and I probably over the course of my class add to this as topics came up and had this just going to be a running forum where parents and students can come to fun games here is a social media page I actually started a Facebook page where I could have parents and student be able to contact me and talk to each other about my classroom then in addition to that I have my contact page I have paid about blended learning some blend learning in the classroom as we know blended learning is a great way to differentiate instruction so that students with different needs can be can have some self driven and self-paced learning the one thing I want to address special attention to here is this link right here to Phet this is a great simulation site that iPhone and with really really awesome simulations for physical science chemistry and also earth science so if anyone's interested in that pH et it's a really really great website that I use actually all the time and it's cool because they have things like you can do the effective temperature pressure all sorts of stuff like that so it's actually really nice then this is media literacy which is really important obviously in our ever-growing media driven society again what I tried to do here was I tried to have videos rather than long format explanations because I find that especially with my population people are more likely to watch videos rather than read and although that's not the best thing I want them to get the information rather than be turned off by the fact that it's it's a lot of reading mean so then there's another bit about situated cognition again I have found a really cool video about situated cognition so people can kind of see it in a more plain form and then also I also want to talk about house math is connected to the real world and also algebra in general so connect to the real world so again I kind of relied very heavily on videos but I think that that is a great tool for a population that is much less likely to read thank you for looking at my site I hope you appreciate it and

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