Technology in Government

what's really special about this conference is that you get decision-makers there you get vendors here you get people from all sectors coming together to discuss these really important issues and that's great for Australia to have an international crowd of people coming in and really exposing the country to what's going on across the globe we find it very important to come to taking though it gives us an opportunity to meet with the decision-makers this is a place where leaders can come and decision-makers who can come and start to get a bit of a smorgasbord of what's happening in the marketplace I think it's great that we've got local state and federal government here together looking at all the vendors from here and overseas and actually see all the product offerings in one spot which is I think it's always really really important to keep focused and engaged with the end users and the decision makers things are just changing so very very quickly I think it's always important to keep current and you can only do that when you come to forums like this and you see what's new in the space roundtable discussions were fantastic we had a good diversity of clients to speak we then some great questions being asked because there's a cross-section of people so different levels different interests some technology focus some business focus and different levels of management and other people are a property in the coalface a bit more we're in the middle of have rapid rapid change technologically and digitally and so we can't just sit in our office and work out this is how to do it so we need to network or and we can't just rely on only Australian companies to deliver our services so so it's very important for us to be a way of the full spectrum of what's going on I'm nearly every year and I'll be looking forward to next year and never ever disappointed the pace of Technology and its advancements and weights reflected here at the conference it's been great talking to some key technology providers I was interested in networking with other people as well as great you

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