Technology from Extraterrestrials

you my name is Don Phillips and I live in Los Angeles California and it was born in Los Angeles California and I have worked with government-sponsored agencies as well as spent my appropriate time in the military and as a civilian but also as a military person I did have experiences with what we would refer to as unidentified flying objects timeframe about 19 or 20 I started to work for a entered college after high school but I also went to work for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation and after a year of unemployment and the regular field of aircraft construction and design I was asked if I would like to go to a new department or one that was already in gear for a new project and of course I said yes not knowing exactly what it was but I figured that it was in my best interest and I did have interest in it because I got a little inkling of it from the person the upper management that had told me about this now my studies had to do with the design engineering mechanical electrical and aeronautics I was a pilot a private pilot at that time and still AM and at the time 19 and what would it be 1961-62 I started my new job in what is called the skunk works and I was introduced to the various divisions of the skunk works it was purchasing expediting and engineering my I served in all of those during the 60s and this went through 1965 our projects were of course a contract special aircraft flying aircraft for the government the United States government and other agencies of the government of course supplied pilots and I say this because it's important to the defense of the United States and the free world free world means those that believe in the opportunities for all humankind the projects that I worked on were ongoing and they when I left the employment of the skunk works to go into the military I felt that this is something I wanted to come back to after serve serving my country I I think it was 1965 actually when I first went into the military and discovered that some of the assignments that I was put on in Las Vegas or near Las Vegas Nevada were very much in close proximity to our areas where we tested our aircraft and a lot of commonly known as area 51 we call it the dreamland the hog farm the lake you know this place would flood once in awhile and it was really unusable as far as landing and taking off but that's beside the point what what the site that I know it from is that it is high security and not really having to spend too much time in the area I got a lot of feedback from people from my division at the skunk works too as to what is happening out there we're testing airplanes and everybody knows that it tested special aircraft such as the Blackbird I wish I'm very proud of because that's my baby and it holds some of the world's records to this day now the but the thing about being in the military in that area is that they were radar sites and we were attached to Nellis Air Force Base no Nellis is a flight test pilot testing or pilot training base for the US military but at the same time it teaches and brings in pilots from other countries north of Las Vegas at the way up at the end of the northeast of the gunnery range there is what we know is the area 51 but across across the highway that goes north from Las Vegas is a site called angel's peak angels peak in itself covered the area 51 covered the demonstration teams the thunderbirds as we know them but it also covered a lot of other area like the Atomic Energy Commission test test grounds to the west and to the north Angels peak was a was a classified radar installation and it's a lot of radar installations as we know them we're up in the middle of nowhere this one had a nice setting because it was east of Mount Charleston so we would monitor the aircraft coming from Las Vegas into area 51 or whatever passed by and it was whatever past might that became most interesting one night in 1908 say 1966-67 somewhere in that area we I stayed on base most of the time and heard a lot of commotion about one o'clock in the morning and being that it was the summertime I thought well you know it's it must be very warm we were at 8,000 feet the radar domes were at 10,500 approximately and I decided to go ahead get up and they said wow it sure is loud the sound is count carries a long ways on these days so I went out walked up to the main road and up near my office which has a short distance to the chow hall and I thought it maybe it was time for the crews to come down for dinner but it was another hour when I got to the area where the fellows were standing there was a group of about five people and they were looking up in the air and I looked up in the air and saw these objects lighted objects moving at tremendous speeds it's like what we would know as special effects today and it was in the area slightly to the north and northwest of Mount Charleston and Mount Charleston by the way is over I think just about 13,000 feet so all of a sudden I says wow what an aerial show I didn't think too much of it because it's not something that surprised me that they were doing these kind of acute maneuvers but right at that instant when I saw these things making acute angles and traveling maybe I would estimate for three to four thousand miles per hour and then immediately making a cute turn I knew that they weren't ours and I had a special background with the skunkworks Lockheed Aircraft advanced development in engineering that said these are not ours and having been a pilot I'm thinking what kind of forces these the the if there were people in these craft what kind of forces their bodies are taking then I I said well these these have to be guided by some type of intelligent pilot if you will having and being a pilot and I thought wow how long will this go on so it went on apparently for my point of view for about another 90 seconds and then all of a sudden they seemed to group from what would be hundreds of miles in the sky to the east or to the west and they came into a circle rotated in a circle and didn't disappeared and I thought wow what a show so the security sergeant happened to be on duty and we all looked at each other and says gee this is really something and he said well we shouldn't really say anything about this and just let things take their course of events well I had a buddy that was chief radar operator named Anthony case our and Anthony was the first one to get off of the bust after the door opened and I was standing right up close to the the doors when they opened up it's a military-style bus air force and I looked at him and Anthony's a very large fellow which is a blond flowing hair and and a jovial spirit and he was as serious as anybody could possibly be and he was almost as white as a sheet as white as his blond is his hair and he usually get a good tan as well but this time he was a different and he first things they took one step down the steps and he looked at me and he said did you see those and I said yeah we've been watching him for the some of them been the fellas have been watching for last four to five minutes and I've seen him for a little maybe a little more than 90 seconds he says we saw them on the radar screen and we documented them he says they're not bogeys they're not apparitions they are real solid objects and of course they would have to be in order to get affixed with radar the kind of radar we use there and would have to be a solid object and it's not that we tracked them with the radar they were they would go in and out of the of the signal and register that way and there were I think he finally documented that there were six or to seven because it happened very quick and it's very real so as far as the inhabitants thereof we don't know but the fact that they can perform the maneuvers and travel at the speeds that we estimated and also as estimated by the radar operators and their scopes they estimated around forty thirty eight to forty two hundred miles per hour equivalent ground speed I mean that's really quick I mean these things are darting across the sky first they look like a star and then they move and in any direction triangle or make any kind of any kind of a straight line or just hover there were let's say five of us on the ground that's including myself and in the on the radar in the radar towers on duty that night I at least four plus the officer of the day and so you know there's a couple of handfuls of people now when there's an occurrence such as this in the Air Force most of us had at least secret most of us had top secret and then there was a few that had above top secret clearances myself I dealt with the documents so of all types and my and for that bit of Sirte for might that time period in the service it was a top secret the people that would record the information all this is recorded and it is documented and then it is signed off and then it is put in the archives and our division our radar squadron was part of the 26th Air Division which was in Phoenix near Phoenix Arizona so where they go from there it could be you know the Pentagon it could be United States Air Force Headquarters they were definitely I mean the way I pictured then we were bigger something than some of the closest stars much bigger you know I would say by the size of a 50-cent piece you know about you know I don't know about ten twelve feet away that's what it looked like maybe a little bigger but but like a silver dollar there we go and moving across the sky in a manner that did not leave a trail okay and not that we could ascertain but they would just come to a stop and do do a you know a sixty degree 45 degree 10 degree turn after stopping and it immediately reversed this action and there isn't any you know having been a pilot and a military search and rescue pilot along with the flying there isn't there isn't any kind of training that can that we can take that can bring us into a realm that can withstand that kind of a speed and then stop and immediately go back the opposite direction and accelerate from zero to you know up to three thousand miles an hour when I was working with the skunkworks we signed an agreement with the National Security Agency which had the National Security Council as well as the CIA and we kept very quiet about things because they always knew where we were and what we were doing and I automatically had that team spirit and we were a big family there and I was very proud of that having worked directly for Kelly Johnson I'll put it this way I'll answer you this way yes there were new projects being launched all the time and yes there were new propulsion systems at that time and you know you understand that the sr-71 we took some great risks and I feel it was internal combustion well nah yeah it was but it was very advanced and some of the technologies that we learned I was asked a question by a fellow businessman several years ago 1997 do you think that some of your the technology that you incorporated into that aircraft came from outside sources outside the planet Earth and I said it's very possible but I said you have to remember we came up with some even it we'd still have to make it work here on planet earth and yes there's this good chance but that nevertheless everything worked quite well and the propulsion system that you're asking about I heard that there were but the left hand over knew what the right hand was doing and for good reason again they didn't want us asking questions who wanted to stay focused on the projects that we were working on I came in at the tail end of the YouTube project that still continues their use of that type of aircraft and went all the way through the force for models that I had to do with design and the construction and eventual flight tests were not the first military models they we have another Air Force in this United States that works on contract and I won't identify that name and dr. Greer if you could if you have to edit this out would you please do so it's of the last it's a three-letter agency and I feel that they worked it with contract pilots very good pilots so our first four models were for them there were very special models and then came the sr-71 otherwise known properly as the Blackbird so the propulsion systems yes there were new ones being developed from what I learned over a period of years anti-gravitational actually using the force that is generated by the actually by the planet Earth is to rappel off of it there was research going on with that with as maybe by consultants to the skunk works we know we can safely say that yes there were some captured craft from 1945 47 was it in Roswell New Mexico and yeah they were real and yes we really did get some technology from them and yes we really did put it to work and we can thank people in the United States Army to have the foresight to put these into industry for the benefit of the you of the people of the world I know this to be effect we put it to use but it took us a long time to figure out what it was and then figure out how we can use it and then what to use it for and are those products useful for Humanity it wasn't it wasn't until the actually later on in the eighties and nineties this recent when I found that a company called light City Technologies it was a technology Development Corporation of a secret nature we work with data signals avionics computer and as I had talked with you before we were we knew each other from certain agencies of the military and contract with the CIA or other branches of usually called unseen industry I would say that's a good term we can term it black deep black or hidden and okay that might be okay for the popular but having participated in it and we still do once in a while on contract because we might get something useful they can save lives and save money as well for everybody not just this country the the the question that there is advanced advanced we would some people call them advanced races well the knowledge that I have of these technologies coming with the aircraft or the craft that were captured here I didn't see the craft nor did I see the bodies but I certainly know some of the people that did and of course they're much you know they're passed on now from the earthly bodies but there was no question that there are people or beings from outside the planet that have lived here for a long time and it isn't just something new that's been happening in the last couple of years there's been NATO research conducted joint joint research joint many many different countries and this it's been documented as to who those races are and their population at that time and this was back in the early sixties this is what what precipitated the need for our aircraft was the result of these reports coming out from NATO these reports were started in the late 50s they were finished in the early 60s and disseminated to the appropriate leaders of various countries I think but they were kept under lock and key if you will and if they the prominence or the greater exposure or greater occurrence of unidentified flying objects became would you call the objects became more known and they actually stopped they would tide they would communicate we have records from 1954 that were meetings between our own leaders of this country as well as a meeting with the leaders of our country here in California and the I as I understand it from the written documentation that we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research and the statement I have read was that well how can we stop you you're so advanced and I will say by this camera and this sound that it was President Eisenhower that had this meeting and it was on film sort of like what we're doing now bringing it up to date they're a NATO report gave that there were 12 races and that the final summary they had to have contacts to go to these races in order to understand who they are what they're doing and what they could do and they didn't get into the contacts but it certainly did verify that they haven't been here for just a few years maybe hundreds maybe thousands of years and this was written in the text getting back to the technology that we might have used the chips lasers the night vision the what we call bulletproof vests and and a few others these were all used these were all developed the chips what they called a central processing units were developed in great strides now why did that happen why you put a few things together and do a bit of research you think wow boy we did benefit and in several talks these people it wasn't because they were necessarily sharing the technology it's because we picked it up and put it into a what's called the file cabinet and we ascertain like Oh are these people safe are these people that have come in out from outside are they are they hostile well if they were hostile I my own knowledge is and and feeling I don't know about all of them is that we could have been with their weaponry as it might be used it could have destroyed us a long time ago or could have done some damage I think then it was you listed all these devices you think those came from studying extraterrestrial devices yes yes some of no doubt they came from the Roswell events i I know that that some of the technologies that came out of the Roswell incident the technologies meaning that which came with the extraterrestrial craft and the reason they crash as they are there the guidance mechanism was interrupted by our by our radar or by our and by some equipment that we have I mean it's quite by accident I think I don't know about that part of it but even more validating for me was that one of our contract scientists for our private concern light City Technologies Incorporated he worked with him he worked with a couple of those technologies while he was with a very prominent Intelligence Agency of the United States government so that that was good enough for me because this what I learned from that all right anything is possible you need something let's build it you know and it isn't everything has a physical shape in this dimension or a tangibility the ideas everything starts out with an idea it had to start out with an idea for these visitors to Planet Earth and maybe they had maybe they had color coded what we would call fiber optics today that could bend light and that could guide light to one data location to another data location well guess what we've been talking about it for six years we have that type of technology now the one person that I've talked to only outside of the military or the government level that would otherwise keep this out of the public view is dr. Greer and the reason for that is is because he under he makes it the professional approach which more inline with the way we were in the military yes the the lenses there were some there was some I actually what we would call the eyeball coverings that allowed the inhabitants or the people inside the craft that made the journey across space allowed them to see in the minimal light that we know is now president president during space travel and we know that from our own astronauts as well as astronauts of other countries these lenses magnified light but also brought in a certain type of clarity and my reason for mentioning this was that it was earth doctors and specialists and interested in what's beyond all this beyond the physical world that got them into the removal of these lenses I think there's a lot of this has been well documented by Colonel Corso yeah I'm sure you familiar I maybe you know him you know who was there with him well there were a lot of people there with him but I a lot of the things that are said in the book are documented in the book by the how for Corso I can verify it cooperated by the people that I have worked with and do work with now so I can say though what I know about it is is very true the pathway that it took that's another story we talk about hidden hidden technologies why don't they are all these hidden things and why don't they let people know about it well they hide it from hide it from the public well it's probably good reason for some of it they don't you know I mean the government didn't understand it themselves being in the Air Force maybe we didn't fully know what it was take those technologies from Roswell they took a while to figure out how they worked before we knew what to make from it and then how to get it into industry how can it benefit the people the guidance mechanism were nothing there was no yoke there was no wheel there was a console very colorful and they used their hands and by the thought process and by the way they moved their hands in rhythm with their thoughts was the guidance for the aircraft that was one reason why if they took their attention off of what they were doing for their craft and put it on me it might have upset the flight pattern for their craft now I it goes beyond goes beyond just the way that they actually flew the crab but they what the meaning behind it is that they were trained to be one and used their whole being to flow with an to work with the natural forces of what we call the universe that's within the planets sphere of influence and perhaps outside this was very clear and later on after in the in the 80s when we got in contact with the equipment from the Roswell incident this is the way they discovered that perhaps the craft was being guided very much the same way well that's about a 20 year spread or less than 20 so I this is just a key point but we also have where I live my neighborhood I find out that we have prominent research people that are working on what we called in the Foxbat the movie Foxbat where they had the helmet to you says oh you think in this language and you think this and you guide it with your eyes that way and you fire it with your thought process and you know fire your armament from the aircraft that's very real it wasn't perfected to the point that the movie made it perfected but my gosh since that time I think they have come pretty close these are all available because we have data signals of data signals we worked on with our technology company they in other words the the the technology has caught up with the thinking process humanity has the quickest computer built into them than any man-made computer can ever approach and that includes the Cray computer we whatever we can think of by the way has already been done by Nature is just up to us to figure out how nature did it that allows it to work in harmony with everything else but the fact of the matter is when we all come together if we were to sit down to dinner we would say oh we're from this country in this country and that that city in that city well it isn't any different if we're in Planet Earth somebody else might come from a different location long ways away but we all sit down and share knowledge maybe perhaps share food this is the way it really happens the sensationalism that reporters and newspapers and writers put forth it doesn't do the public any good it feeds the desire for sensationalism in people we naturally have a curiosity but it can be fed with fact and truth or it can be affected with sensationalism and half truth or no true was at all how I came to learn of that NATO report the research report about you know the the impetus for doing the report in the first place is because during that time period late 50s 60s there the the Cold War was beginning and there were ships flying craft intruding upon the Russian space tour shall we say the Communist space and then there was flying craft intruding upon our space and what each was blaming the other and in doing so we were ready to push buttons and we became very we came very close to pushing the buttons that would annihilate perhaps both sides especially in the war zone or in that close proximity zone and before the buttons were pushed there was a a secondary type of control where we call it human reason that's something that machines can't do and we thought wait a minute we're both having we can think very quickly this is what I mean about computers the humans having the quickest minds and computers faster than the Cray they assess the situation and said wait a minute it's happening to both sides something is unusual here maybe we should do some research and then do a report because we still have the weapons we can still push the buttons and thus the report that was the reason for the report it was because of the unidentified craft encroaching on one another's airspace it turned out it was a both same era same unidentified craft and so it leaded some very interesting information about civilization how it occurred here on planet earth that the these races have been present for a long time and perhaps they're referred to as some of the wise ones that we know about that helped educate and help train people here having been employed working for the CIA and being trained as an observer there was a when you observe something and you want you follow the pathway you follow it back to its source and then you go back further for the reason then you get to the crux of the matter why something may have happened but then we ascertain why it happened and the I was studying some information following the pathway on some information that had to do with NASA that had to do with extraterrestrial visitation and how real was it didn't matter about the sensationalism of it that's how I came to know of the NATO report but it was also through the military channels I had to make some phone calls and I did and it was very nice to knock the dust off of those because we can all say Wow see where it's progressed since then if we were willing to talk about it we again we worked with the Central Intelligence Agency as contractors are that was during the time of the skunk works during the military I had been in a few different places around the world particularly with the combat support in the Vietnam War that the actual work the closest the close activity was pre military it was when with the skunk works you see the CIA was one of our best customers and the CIA that has one of the world's best air forces it's not we have Francis Gary Powers so we knew him Schumacher a lot of these people you're very real people and they were often the moved around by politics and I think that we all we can learn something from all of this we don't necessarily have to be and what would you call it open but we don't have to lie about it we just perhaps don't say so something we got to keep each other honest and we've been doing that for years the technologies that I know about that were removed from the craft and I think my understanding is that they were moved removed from the craft at Roswell in a manner that was not known to the guards or the I call them wild security people surrounding the area had to be done rather quietly by specialists and the I might I'd like to add to that I feel that I'm not positive but I think it would some of this technology came from crafts of other crashes okay not just there's a lot made of Roswell and they're not even sure where the things you know went into the earth yeah near Roswell but it's near Roswell I know that and I won't I wouldn't say we're the other areas are but it happened to be in the area of New Mexico I do know that there was let me say this that as far as the validation of these what we call these little little beans the little beans the engineer that did some work for the military was asked to be I'd like to do a special project and it was at in New Mexico and it was to build a trainer if you will flight trainer and they built the flight trainer it's a mechanical engineer electrical engineer and through the process a building he discovered that he was to work with some other people after got to a certain point the other people came out and they were these little guys and not much kind of startling because they're all of you know short short people but very very intelligence like very intelligent children super intelligent children and pretty says pretty soon that became like just the us sitting here and what they were building was a trainer for us to learn how to fly their aircraft it's a very interesting approach so back to your question the technology it comes about in many different ways we refer to the crashes the way Colonel Corso documented those and Colonel general Trudeau documented those and the input from our own associate group during the 90s there is it's the uses I think more it's the uses where we can from one particular technology that supposedly came from one of the retrievals let's call them retrievals retrieved Technol jeez the computer chip I think is one of the best examples the computer chip started out with computers but then it became used in you know video cameras then it became used as microcontrollers in automobiles aircraft I think they had to they had to figure out what they were for you know a say well it's first of all a silicon and first of all it is or secondarily it's a something that looks like it exists on other in other realms outside the planet earth perhaps and also fiber optics fiber optics was went into these computer chips and mind you the signal didn't travel on hard wire as we know it previously it traveled through a hollow core and in the form of light colored light and each each color had a spectrum and an assignment to do certain thing color light sound form so we have fiber optics that we put to you oh hey what is this spaghetti that is in these crafts attached to these computer chips these silicon chips and these what looks to be electronic equipment and what is this metal that these craft are made of or what appears to be metal they did a lot of research they did reverse engineer they had to do some testing yes that's something that science does and make it repeatable we get these things I handheld scanners that we can scan the body and determine it what is condition health and also treat from the same scanner are these things real well I can tell you personally that we've been working on them and we have them cured cancer yes diagnose and cure again politics and God bless them the FDA and other people whose financial interests could be damaged by the release of certain technologies and this is not a this is not a weird statement there or not a slam obviously can it can it be a win-win-win situation for everybody this is the way our technology development group views the use of technologies I founded the organization that that became when it became a corporation in California yeah I was associated with it six seven years before so that would be yeah back in the eighties we were contractors to the CIA that was six years working for the skunk works that was then during that time period working for the skunk works was five years and the military I was in for a standard for yes there was confirmation in 1997 I met some of our what we called our expert recon people in the military highly trained and and you know we could blow up cities and terminate great thousands number of people but they did an exercise this is a confirmation they did an exercise they were hired by sea security in the United States is constantly tested that's the only way you're going to find out if it's bulletproof or where you need to improve they were hired this group they do asset recovery now for people throughout the world they were asked to breach the security at area 51 and they did a wonderful job and they did it and this is the one way I thought how would I do it well by gosh this is the way they'd do it and they went through and they disassembled piece by piece and you know they could take out the pieces piece by piece and it would send a signal and alert and they could hide these guys were experts they were expert recon people from the military and they still practice some of their techniques just because it's stay in shape what did they find was that there were many areas at area 51 and security is as crazy as ever there that says something for the security forces and they're a little bit nutty because I think they're too far out away from humanity most of the time and that's a personal opinion it's not a reflection on the management the idea that there is craft being work on is it is not just an idea yes there was craft there I've talked to others that have worked on it there's different levels there what you see on the surface is not representative of all of the research areas that are there but where they're actually located if I were you ask me can you take me there no I couldn't do that I could think of where the where the hangars are and where the airfields are in the landing I know there were two prominent people that to this day I still know that founded what we call area 51 there are two friends right I had no idea it wasn't until night 1995 and 96 that we were talking about all this swapping stories if you will that they told me that they looked at me and said do you know who it was who actually went out there for Kelly Johnson and they named the names I'd like to keep those quiet for now because they're still related to I mean they're for the benefit of their families yeah well they're retired but they're still involved in yes by contract DuPont Oh God IBM what is now I think Western Digital well I've had business dealings with eg AG they make they make the product for us they have made products for our corporation or private sector corporations hey they're real they're a contractor but good they were responsible for the safety delivery and return of personnel to various work locations but that isn't it that's just a small small amount of their work he says they're here well right over there and look at the size of those ships and it's obvious they don't like us being here and what he went on to describe was Michael I know both military planes only hears these craft and their people observing him and he's observing them Neil Armstrong they said they don't want us to be here no I have the written communication we're three caves and somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains we're trying to line up to take a device you know this recording device like this and do research they did they eventually did this the guardians of the caves and the territory I've been in the hands of the Native American in that area for hundreds and hundreds and maybe thousands of years they are taught they are visited quite often as they said these people are not you know fringe friend what I call fringe thinking they're very solid they're they believe in the great America the Great Spirit a very solid practice of treating one another here correctly how you'd want to be treated they the caretakers as they're called or visited by these extraterrestrials but there's some big graves up there with people seven feet and over blond-haired red hair light skinned fairly well preserved I mean you know where do they come from I don't mean there's just one out of many I've seen pictures of them yeah I saw they brought back still pictures I don't need to the new video they brought back still pictures so how they open up these caves they they look just like mountains they I don't know some who knows I I don't know but they got in there yeah there's technology weapons or things that can heal there's spacecraft so I'm told but this travel stone came out of one of more ancient records are kept and yeah this ancient language it's a root race language it's what ever came before the Sanskrit I think maybe senator Orrin Hatch of Utah you know you getting pretty close there's a lot going on in Utah a lot going on everywhere that's where the you know I I don't know all of the things I really don't care but that's where some of our associate scientists are I know what some of the things are working on well their own private laboratories this guy yeah I guess he was the chief master sergeant the sergeant of sergeants or something you know the who's who of stripes he asked he came into the office one day and he said I was on the commander staff and becoming an officer I I'm still on the commander staff comes in and he looks at me and I'm I really liked the guy because he had the depth of his spirit you know say it's going to be in a good military man and I said he looked at me he said she worked for Kelly and I knew I knew where the records were because we know we don't exist and we never worked there and the project never existed and our conversations this conversation never happened tonight that kind of thing but when he says you worked for Kelly that was a way of saying we've looked at your records do you want to complete your degree yes Barry Goldwater was my sponsor it was the commander's close buddy but we knew him as general Goldwater I'm very proud of that and I served them served it well I would say he did but he was focused on developing a job there were five people in the world of his caliber and there were three of them three of that caliber in the United States one was Kelly Johnson the other one was Jack Northrop who lived in my neighborhood Kelly Johnson lived in our neighborhood I mean I lived across the Verdugo Valley you overlooked that you look like a chipmunk to me the greatest chipmunk in the world yeah you're calling the chipmunk in fact the skunk that's where the skunk you know sort of like a chipmunk that was our symbol so all of these things are tied together in some way linked but not necessarily everybody knowing each other but were they all headed in the same direction you know we don't we assumed they were but the right hand and the left hand and our levels of engineering yeah we knew what we were working on in what the probabilities were springing from it and the future development but where they ultimately were led where it led and what would spring from that how it was used I learned one thing from an associate scientist development scientist somebody whom I have the greatest the highest respect who was with the CIA he says you know he says the first thing we want to determine is who's turning the wheels on any project he says that's when we decide this is what I did when I was with the CIA he said this is what I analyzed before I said yes on taking on a project you see who's turning the wheels whoo what's the motivation why is it being done I asked it took me what after we first talked I analyzed why is dr. Steven Greer doing this I done my research some of it or maybe a lot of it and I've watched the happening and you've been very dedicated to what you're doing and and professional that's why I'm here tonight that's why I'm speaking with you and we still have those contacts around the world that can verify a lot of things we all have our agreements that we signed and they're still you know to be honored however there isn't any reason why certain information can't be shared when it's for the benefit of humanity one of the things one of the premises for founding this technology corporation that I did in 1998 was to bring forth these technologies that can help get rid of the toxics that can clean the air that help get rid of the need for so much fossil fuel or help it become more efficient that can help humanity in the form of Education that makes it helps clean up pollution I already said that in various forms yes it is time and I can tell you personally that it's already started and I can prove what we have come up with we can prove the energy generation systems that the associates have brought forth deal with using natural energies from planet earth and there is a natural harmonics of the planet it's already been proven one of our own Air Force Research members I think out of wright-patterson our Dayton Ohio pardon me map the energy system of the of the planet Earth they've also discovered that there are craft underneath that sand flying craft I've never seen them I don't know NASA itself got involved in spending ten million dollars of our taxpayer money to go in and get a certain thing it's only written about in mythology and history go back bring it out and try to duplicate it okay this I know to be true but when I turned around look right into the eyes of this little creature and you're seeing it but everything's being pulled from your mind pains you felt you feel that and it's like a buzz saw going off on your head he was reading my whole life

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