Technology Education – Mechatronics at UW-Stout

my name is James David Hara and I was working on a lego NXT robot in the mechatronics class it's a course for technology education and basically it combines electronics and robotics and fluid power systems and pneumatic systems and we just pretty much we actually get into quite a bit of detail with a lot of this stuff the robot what we're all looking at today is the final project it was an obstacle course that we designed as a class and we could make our robot go through the course anyway we wanted using all the sensors on it you can make the robot stuff start and stop with sound you could make it follow a noise there's an ultrasonic sensor here that actually sends a ultrasonic wave out and it bounces back and the robot detects how far away it is from something there's an actual tactile switch in the back so if the robot bumps into a wall there it'll go the other way there's a really cool light sensor on the bottom that lights up and bounces light off of off of the floor off of the table and so if it hits like black tape it reflects less light and so it knows it's hit the black tape and you can use all these sensors to direct the robot and make the robot interact with its environment and pretty much the sky's the limit the Lego coding is really easy because you're not you're not typing words like if this then this you don't have to learn this complicated language you're presented with like a graphics arts program like adobe photoshop almost then you drag and drop different things that you want the robot to do and you connect them in the software visually so you can easily understand the structure behind programming and the logic behind programming without learning all of the words you can even take it to the next level and do things like use bluetooth connectivity so the next thing I want to try with it is getting my laptop to immediately direct it or even an ipod or an ipad you could make it turn left and right and pick what program you want to run on the fly so you could totally remotely control it real time which would be a lot of fun a challenging part of getting these robots to work right is fine tuning the sensors so you have to you have to be able to think how loud is the sound I'm making how sensitive is the microphone or how sensitive is the ultrasonic sensor so that you can tweak the program the same way you'd change the fuel settings on a carburetor to get the robot to work well

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  1. LILWagonBurner said:

    I did this in fifth grade and this is a senior level class, this is sad!

    June 28, 2019

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