Technology Changes Everything Overview

[ Music ]>>Innovations are
happening all around us and are promoting greater
disability inclusion in workplaces literally
around the world.>>We truly believe that technological innovation
will create the ecosystems necessary to level the
playing field for those that are disadvantaged.>>Welcome to Technology Changes
Everything, a two-day conference in the heart of New York
City that showcased existing and emerging innovations
from global companies that are transforming
people’s lives, including those with disabilities.>>Most people don’t
realize how absolutely awful, terrible unemployment is among
people with disabilities. You know, here in the US we
have a US unemployment rate of around 4%, but the
unemployment rate for people with disabilities in the
United States is over 60%.>>There’s a huge recruiting
problem in tech right now because we’re facing the largest
tech talent gap since 2008.>>Pat Romzek of Cisco helped
spearhead the company’s project Life Changer, which is a
program that is helping to employ people
with disabilities.>>What we’re doing at Cisco, this is transformational
employment. These are jobs that
change people’s lives. We’ve now hired about 100 people
across the company globally. The people that we hired under this program have had
really positive impact not only on our workforce and our
culture, but on our business. Their productivity is more than double the productivity
of their coworkers. So we’ve hired really
good people.>>The Technology Changes
Everything conference was organized by Cornell University. Susanne Bruyere is the Director
of the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability
in Cornell’s Industrial and Labor Relations School.>>This event, this forum, is aligned with the
Yang-Tan Institute mission in that we’re all about
improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities
and we believe that the tech sector
is the perfect place for us to focus right now.>>We have, for decades,
been focused on improving the opportunities
for people with disabilities, improving work systems, improving workplaces,
to be more inclusive.>>One of the important
things for us about this event was
the opportunity to work across the Yang-Tan
Institute, the ILR School, and the other entities that
we’ve been able to pull together in this, Cornell Tech,
Entrepreneurship at Cornell, Cornell Research and Computer
and Information Sciences.>>Panels at the conference
included improving employment outcomes in the tech sector
for people with disabilities, special hiring initiatives,
entrepreneurship and people with disabilities,
inclusive design of technology and web-based products, developing inclusive
recruitment screening and interview online
tools, and the next steps of moving these agendas forward. [ Music ]

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