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so I want to pass it over first to see a who's gonna have a look at 360 and Street View which is I should say this Google Streetview it's part of a at Google DNA Partnership Program but of course there's 360 more broadly he's also going to look at what's new in Maps so over the UCA express so we'll start by taking a look at street views here I just want to make sure that we were clarifying kind of what the components of Street View are so there's really two types of content that fall under that bucket of Street View there is an individual image a one 360 image which is sometimes called a photosphere those can also be connected into virtual tours and things those images can be added directly to maps but they are often best used when they are added to a map listing so if you have a business or a park or an upon a map list you can add those 360 photos directly to that to help consumers understand and travelers understand what that place would look like if they were going to go in there that kind of Street View falls under street view content but those individual images are a little bit different than what we think of a more traditionally street view and and that's driving Street you know where we're actually putting a camera on top of a car and driving through some destination and then uploading that content to map so that footage gets added directly to maps itself and not to individual businesses and allows the user to move around much more freely in the destination so those are two different kinds of things that we're talking about when we talk about Street View most of the rest of the stuff I'm in a reference here has to do with that driving type of street view which is more of the the traditional but a little bit harder to do type of content so I think we can all agree that Street View is an important tool for visitors especially when they're planning and thinking about where they're going to go you can see this is a really beautiful image from from Bermuda so Street League is an important tool for those visitors to understand kind of where they're going it's also really important for business owners and it's important for destinations that they're giving a good impression when people are made those planning decisions so there's a visual part of this where visitors are making decisions and they're looking at it and they're saying does this look like a place that we want to go but there's also an informational layer that is underneath on where Google is increasingly using the street new data to do all kinds of things so the whoops my apologies means go back one real quickly and the Google is increasingly using this stuff to do things like fix directions and find out when roads are closed or when they turn into one ways just in the Bernina so if you're familiar with the per meter shoot that we did last year we shot pretty much the entire island but brand-new Street View so just that footage alone generated a hundred new businesses that were added to maps that weren't on there before and those were all added on the back end by Google servers looking at that Street View data and updating and I'm saying hey there's a business here that we didn't know that we auto we we ought to add that so there's some really compelling kind of backend reasons aside from the front end reasons of thinking about Street View for destinations to to invest in in Street View in various places and so just some of the examples of things we obviously talked about driving that's one of the most basic examples we put a camera on top of a car and this is the you know the one that's kind of most benefit navigation and things like that there's all kinds of other interesting things that we can do with that same driving street view approach where we put a camera on top of a backpack and we have someone either hiking or walking or biking so we've recently finished five-county shoot in florida that did some pretty extensive beaches and hiking paths and biking and things like that so some pretty interesting things you can do there and then we even did boating so there's a bunch of different waterways in in Florida that are being added and that's a whole other thing to kind of think about in terms of that driving street views putting that camera on top of a car the two primary things you want to think about as a destination motor mile what are the uses for 3 – where do I need to be thinking about street view the number one of course is where there isn't any so add a street view where there isn't any street view with all this is an image from the both islands is not one that that we did but a destination put together package to be able to capture Street you cannot destination so that's really terrible to have a place that wasn't on street view at all and then suddenly have all of that but then it's also important to think about the places where we can update inaccurate information so old or inaccurate street view so this is a from puerto rico's is actually a hotel in puerto rico and there's sort of this impression that might be related to the hurricane and it's not that was actually a renovation than it had nothing to do with hurricane at all and i'm sure you can find in your destination when you look around that there are places where you know buildings have been renovated or streets are changed or things are going on when the car coming through that might benefit from you taking control of that freaky odds the destination and and then updating that information so lots of things to think about in terms of how you might use it in your destination the equipment gets better and more accessible every year that goes by we're really only talking about eighteen months since users were allowed to upload this kind of footage to begin with but already we have a second version of the insula 360 camera which is quite good NC Tech has put a lot of work into their street camera and then we're even seeing the go the GoPro Fusion is now down there like $299 on Amazon and when you combine that with with a tool called Trailblazer for panel skin you can actually upload using the GoPro fusion camera upload that kind of driving walking hiking biking Street View so that's becoming quite a lot more accessible used to be you know many thousands of dollars and is already in a 18 months or two years span coming down to just a couple of hundred dollars to be able to do that second technology I wanted to talk about was maps and so maps of course the ubiquitous tool that everyone uses actually read an article the other day that maps is one of us the five different tools that Google has it passed a billion users so that's a billion with a B users who are using Google Maps to figure out where to go and what to do and if you haven't been paying attention to what's going on there the the Explorer panel which comes up at the bottom when you do a search for really wherever you are love that Explorer panel at the bottom and part of that really is you know restaurant and hotels and things that you're sort of used to but if he keep scrolling in there there's a whole bunch of destination information that is starting to be surfaced inside these products and so just very quickly going over what some of those are you can look at top sites for your destination actually based on visits from people's phones so it's kind of surfacing those things these are the places that people typically go in that destination events if ever there was a strong reason to make sure that you are using structured data and the proper schema markup for your events this is one of them so it's going to surface all of those different events inside that the Maps product again you know a billion users right so definitely a good reason to make sure that you have all of your structured data for your events tuned up because it will not only show up in search will also show up here in the map app and then this is an interesting one that we've been paying attention to we actually did helped with a a B test in this earlier in the year with one of the Google teams there's a lifts component that is being pulled into maps here so these are maps or lists that anyone coming you can see that this one was submitted by a local guide here and you just put together these different places that make sense in your destination so this feels like a really good opportunity for DMS to contribute like itinerary content by going into maps using their local guides or just a user account in Google and building some lists that can be surfaced in in in Maps Explorer and in other kinds of places and then lastly I just wanted to mention one of the other cool things as what people are talking about the Google Maps app is they are walking directions if you haven't seen that it overlays these big blue arrows and descriptions and stuff on the roads where you're supposed to turn and where you're supposed to go that was rolled out originally for local guides and then just recently beginning the month here it was rolled out for all pixel winners and I presume in the next couple months you'll see that on all the rest of the phone keep an eye out for that some pretty interesting things going on with AR and

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