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hey guys it's me Roma co-culture the California kid here with team it's our time ladies and gentlemen right now I'm getting ready to walk you through how to get started here in onyx lifestyle I'm excited to do this training for you and here's the reason why when people don't start right they never finished right did you know that there's only two reasons why people do not succeed in network marketing reason number one they have a poor work ethic listen that's a lot that's a big reason why people don't succeed they expect something for nothing but the second reason why people fail in network marketing is because of poor training my goal as you are a part of this team again the name of the team is IOT it stands for it's our time my goal for those of you globally around the world that's a part of our team you will never be able to say that we never trained you on how and what exactly to do to be successful here in onyx lifestyle I want you to understand that training is something that is so important to me because I always believe if you don't teach people what to do then you cannot be upset when they don't do it so I can tell you guys I want you to pay close attention maybe about twenty minutes here and I'm going to show you exactly what to do to become successful here in onyx lifestyle okay alright let's get started the step one in terms of getting started is you want to get connected you know communication runs the entire nation communication so step one the very first thing you want to do is you want to doubt you want to uh you want to download the telegram app to your cell phone it's really simple and you want to connect with the onyx the onyx lifestyle telegram another way you see it right here with a little cursor as you can see it here write this down on a pin and paste on a pen and paper please so that way you can actually download telegram to your phone and I want you to make sure you connect with corporate connect with the company why do we want you to do this the way that our company is going to communicate directly with you it's through telegram that is the method that they chose when you download telegram if you don't know about it you'll see it's really cool it has a lot of features and functionalities specifically when you're growing a very large massive organization as we are doing now so step number one a download telegram and connect with Onix lifestyle on telegram and once again the actual link to do that is right here so please write that down step number one be you want to connect with our team website our team website is called it's our time global comm I want you to go there and I want you to register it's absolutely free every single person it doesn't matter what what language you speak we want you to register we're gonna make sure that that website can speak every language okay the reason I'm telling you to go and register on the team website that is going to be how we or I am going to communicate directly with you no matter what country you're in guys you got to know our organization is global here it is it's just been not even two weeks since I've been a part of Onix lifestyle and literally I feel like we've got people in almost every country we literally have thousands upon thousands upon thousands that have already enrolled in just the first two weeks but don't worry you haven't seen anything yet all right step number one see we also want you to connect directly on telegram with our team on telegram and here is the link so that you can connect with us on telegram this is really important listen carefully I am going to be sending you specific messages on telegram so that means you'll be able to receive them right on your phone let's say that there's a training that I just did and it's a really good training I will tell you on telegram hey go to the website click on this link and watch the training and do it right so this is the reason you must follow three these three things right here connect with corporate on telegram make sure you register on our team website for free and makes you connect with us on telegram guys do this step right now as soon as this is over make sure you do it because I don't want you to get lost I want to make sure we have a very tight connection with you and I no matter where you are in the world remember communication rules the entire nation get connected is step number one okay step number two we want you to download the what is on it what is onyx mobile app download the mobile app what is onyx you can download this from your app store your app store or your Google Play Store I'm going to be teaching you how simple this business really is by simply sending out the videos in the proper format we have the follow ups already baked into the apps the app will let you know how long people have seen the video listen I'm gonna do a complete thorough training on how to use the mobile app and believe it or not we have the mobile app in multiple different languages step number two go download the mobile app okay it's very important so we can show you how to use the tool so that you can actually accomplish your goal okay now step number three after you've downloaded the mobile app we want you to make sure you are sending out the videos the proper way now do you notice on this screen we've capitalized the word proper way that simply means there's a right way to send out the videos and believe it or not there is also a wrong way to send out the videos I want to make sure you're sending out the videos the proper way I will be doing a thorough training once again on how to send out the videos the proper way okay here's what I can tell you right now if you are bad at this business if you're bad one out of every ten people that you send out the videos the proper way will sign up and purchase a membership one out of ten now if you're a horrible right one out of every twenty people that you send the video out the proper way will sign up and purchase a membership so you are going to probably be somewhere between one out of every ten or one out of every twenty the main point here is to make sure that you send out the videos the proper way okay and then step four step 4 we want you to become active and become a four star VIP so that you can earn the maximum allowable Commission's of twenty percent every single week okay and how do you do this what you want to do is you want to make sure that you are paying your $38 a month for your monthly membership thirty-eight dollars a month you must be paying that so that you can maintain access to all the service and you can also be active okay everybody's got to pay $38 a month now step number four be listen carefully so that you can begin earning Commission's you must recruit your very first two memberships you must sign up one on your left and one on your right so step number four be you must get your first two memberships ASAP so that you can start earning commissions let me repeat myself even though you've already purchased your membership that's wonderful you get access to the services but unfortunately you cannot earn any Commission's until you recruit your very first to memberships personally one on your left team and one on your right team when you do that using the elite membership package you will earn a total of six hundred and forty-five dollars and you will become a four-star VIP now if you're watching this training right now we want you to get this done within your very first seven days if for some reason you don't get it done in your first seven days get it done in the next seven days but you want to get this done ASAP so you can start earning commissions from the team's effort I hope you understand what I'm saying you can't start cashing in on the Commission's that are storing for you until you recruit your first two so step number four make sure you're active and become a four-star VIP so you can earn maximum allowable Commission's okay and finally step number five step number five we want you to become an influencer and start earning your matching bonus let me tell you what is a matching motor some of you probably don't even understand what that is a matching bonus means this as you can see here in the screen here when you personally enroll person a and you personally enroll person B that means you are their sponsor so every time they earn Commission's you get a chance to match a percentage of their income let's put it like this let's say you sponsored me and I went out made a thousand dollars for the week well guess what you also receive a percentage of my thousand dollars as well you have to understand the matching bonus portion of this compensation plan is the biggest part of the whole comp plan let me say that one more time the matching bonus portion of our compensation plan it's the biggest portion of the comp plan so you don't want to leave money on the table by not becoming an influencer in fact this influencer position right here all you're doing is you recruited your two people and you're simply going to those two get there – we call it – who gets – one more time – who gets – it's really simple it's really simple when you do this and you become an influencer you now will be earning a thousand thirty five dollars the moment you have completed this okay so you want to make sure you become an influencer ASAP you want to get this done right away now I want to tell you a special secret for all of you that are watching if you want to know how to get to the very top of this compensation plan my very first week working hard I became a presidential ambassador my very first week and if you want to know how I did that all I did is I went out there and I produced a ton of people that became influencer all you're going to do to get to the top is you're going to duplicate this rank called influencer the old – who gets to – who gets to it's very simple anyone can do this with focus dedication and hard work anybody can do this specifically using the mobile app okay so this is step 5 – become an influencer and begin to earn your matching bonus okay now finally step 6 you want to decide do you want to build this business slowly or do you want to build it fast okay if you want to go fast you need to request a private webinar or conference call from your upline okay you need to personally request a private call or webinar from your upline now there's a couple qualifications if you want to go fast that means you personally have to guarantee your upline that you're going to have five to ten people on a private conference call or a private webinar that your upline will do for you okay very important if you want to go fast you have to make sure you request a private call from your upline and you you must make sure that you have five to ten people guaranteed on that call or that webinar and that upline will help you out with that okay well ladies and gentlemen there you have it I just showed you how simple it is to get started the right way please for your sake follow those instructions because we will provide you the absolute best training that you've ever seen in network marketing I want to welcome you to onyx lifestyle and I definitely want to tell you it's our time I'm Ramon Steele Fulcher the California Kid I'll see you on the next training bye-bye everybody

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