Team-Centered Informatics

by medical researchers all the world are struggling to integrate many different types of human data to treat complex diseases like the IBPS and Alzheimer's complex diseases involve many different types of human data like genes proteins neurons social interactions in our environment the problem is that most informatics tools are designed to analyze just a few of these types of data in isolation by individual researchers we need a new class of informatics tools that our team sent a team centered informatics tools will help multidisciplinary teams of geneticists proteomics clinicians epidemiologists and analysts to get holistic understanding of complex diseases hidden in big multi omics data these tools could be designed as computational boundary objects on the one hand are meaningful to individual experts specializing in the analysis of a single data type such as genes on the other hand also provide an integrated understanding of all the other types leading to insights that transcend individual disciplines team members working together could filter layer and intersect different data types through multiple contrasting views that impact each other's understanding of the disease computational evolving boundary objects could be used not just within teams but also across teams and across organism this would help to be degree diverse data and expertise to capture the complexity of human disease leading to holistic treatments team centered informatics working together to exploit big multi omics data

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