Teaching in higher education basic course

I am Peter Aspengren and I’m
responsible for the course teaching in higher education
basic course here at SLU, and I’ve been so for
a couple of years. The target group of that courses
is people that not have all that much experience in teaching
so then when they come to the course we would like to discuss
what teaching is all about and how to become a good teacher. I learned the importance
of interacting. The interaction between students
and the interaction between the students and and the teacher. It’s way more effective to learn
by interacting with the classmates and the teacher rather than
just listen to somebody explaining. Well what I’ve learned from the course
is about constructive alignment and how to use it. Pretty much what that means is that
I have now the terms and the tools to actually do some teaching so before
I was doing it just by intuition and now kind of I can put name to things
and actually think practically and logically about it
with a structure. The best thing about this course
was that we had the opportunity to try out all of this theory and
the message that that we learned during the course, so we managed
to try out presentation techniques. We were exposed to different
methods that are used in courses and we were challenged to
design our own courses. This was a really valuable way of
working with this material. We all came from different
backgrounds and we all have different experiences stories
but not only backgrounds from different faculties but like a
background nationality so that provide like a richness to the course.
So it was well balanced for that. Based on pedagogical theories
we try to discuss and formulate how to plan courses and try to find
a way to discuss different kinds of learning activities and what
works and what doesn’t work in a university context so welcome
to join the basic course in higher education.

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