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Sound is important, because when we grow in the womb of your mother our sense of hearing develops. With TCL, we have made sound a core of our products by having a diverse team with many competences. Ranging all the way from acoustics, to UI, to design, to mechanics and so on. The way we work is actually very collaborative. So, at TCL we are not relying on one single sound guru to validate our sound solution, but we are relying on a large panel of listeners experts. I think what makes TCL headphones so unique is that we deliver intelligent solutions, which have real benefits to the end user. A performance which is great value for the money. Now, the consumers and the market is asking TCL to come with some matching soundbars. The soundbar is the perfect device to bring this listening experience because it’s one single device, very convenient, often attached with the TV and without any compromise on the sound quality. Here I have a piece of a prototype and you see here a waveguide and in combination with an angled speaker, we really guide the sound waves towards the sides, giving a big immersion. The future for us is about innovation. We are very busy here with a lot of concepts. We have a lot of ideas here at the Innovation Lab at TCL and this is unfortunately something I cannot easily disclose in front of the camera but wait and see, I am sure you’ll be surprised.

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