Sustainable Fashion – Bachelor in Fashion and Textile Technologies | Saxion University

Working in the fashion and textile
industry nowadays you have to understand not only the needs of the
consumers but also the needs of those who are producing the products. As a student in the industry you learn that the true costs are not just as a
consumer but to the people and even the planet. Soon you realize you have a
responsibility bigger than your personal satisfaction. The responsibility that
lies in your hands is the decisions we make and not just in the short term but
also in the long term. You must ask yourself every time you make, buy and throw away a product. What is the actual cost of this? Changing the way our products are made is no longer optional but critical in order to arrive at a
more sustainable society; a society which can happily pass along this earth to
generations to come. Therefore students entering the fashion
textile industry must be given opportunity for challenge. A challenge of
inventing new raw materials, a challenge of new ways of producing, a challenge of
creating new cases models. These challenges are something which we cannot do on our own. Governments, companies, NGOs and universities need to cooperate to
realise the necessary change. We are all in this together.

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