Sustainability Elearning for Employees

carbon footprints elearning tools are fully customizable this particular version is branded carbon footprint and covers our own brand identity it's completely possible to rebrand this with your own corporate identity look feel colors I'm going to take a quick tour through this particular module which is designed around carbon management there are a variety of other tools available covering broader sustainability environmental management to choose from also hello welcome to the carbon management e-learning tool there are three modules to cover in the first module you will learn how to assess your carbon footprint this is a quick demonstration showing how a computer voice can be added to the screenshots as required you can also choose to have an active voice over should you need the course as just said there is split here into three modules let's have a look at how we start with modules first of all the learner is required to fill in the details a name and their organization this is for two reasons first of all we wish to capture their information so that can be fed back to you and integrated within your learning management system or within their own performance management secondly at the end of the modules they will receive a certificate for successfully completing the course now what follows are a series of different types of screens with different types of information on this is an example of how media from for instance a video stream this might be from YouTube this might be your own say talking heads from a managing director talking about sustainability into the business whatever streams you have these can be inputted within your e-learning program the course continues and introduces some of the themes to the session and theory sections are presented with text and also can integrate animation and other graphics we can see how the key issues are dealt with here and the learners can take these at their own speed we favor a mix of graphics and text to keep it interesting for the viewers sections also deal with how to plan for your carbon reductions sustainability within the business and most importantly all these ideas are kept very much employee focused so something that everyone can do and everyone can contribute to next up is a quiz every section for the learners to complete to test on their knowledge it's a simple multiple-choice program controlled by simple buttons here as you can see on completion of the modules the learners are given some feedback on their scoring you can decide whether you want this to be displayed or this can be withheld it's your choice entirely once they receive their feedback and hopefully they are successful there is the option then to print a certificate and the usual dropdowns there to print this out on your own internal systems are available so that really completes a quick demonstration of a carbon module within carbon footprint e-learning as mentioned at the beginning this can be customized in any way you require content can be expanded out as much as you will media can be introduced and anything can be put within that to customize it to your particular culture and needs please speak to come footprint to discuss your e-learning options today

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