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hello guys how are you I first of all welcome you to the channel which is about industrial projects and is relevant to the Industrial Management and then dealing of the topics is about the research papers and we are dealing with some of the articles some of the journals we are just doing or going through and enabling ourselves for the betterment of all an idea or approach towards getting some sense how the things we are talking about business or commercial aircraft manufacturing are we talking about the commercial sense of using any engineering domain or so with this approach obviously we have internet and we have lots of lots of material over the internet but the purpose is just to give obviously the authentic 80 authenticity to the channel and to the work of all the authors of different research materials and primarily from different parts of the world working together as a team to produce research material working from one part to another going from one part to another and working to just to enhance the escape and obviously canned but with the help of these videos what we are st doing is just actually making ourselves aware of how things work by the help of the experiences with the help of the experienced researchers and also experienced doctors right we need to mean whether it is of engineering or whether it is of manufacturing especially related to the aerospace we are not taking anything and also when you talk about some of the details which help us also for us to complete our task and with the help of these there are different sort of researches and what we are if you have gone through the other channel which is sort of an attack point you we already covering IIT before with our computer network of courses and with the with the advancement of harvesting those courses we would equal to provide more sound information knowledge and obviously the delivery of concepts but with this small article which is related to the iit food doctor which is Sudha misra and also with the collaboration of an anthropology and Arijit that is a survey that was conducted and jool 2018 that was accomplished Indian lead verbally but it was conducted in the Feb 2 March that is you can't have this article to be cited from this link which is dy dot o-r-g 10.10 – with VI DM and one two seven six then you can have divisor to that remaining knowledge discovery while a wise and it's that you can have all these service from that resource or the publisher and obviously the key is you know also that their authors have to grade no conflicts of interest for this article and further reading you can also have a Lucca and lose any and Mohammadi M and I arch 2015 which is Internet of Things a survey on enabling technologies protocols and applications iine communication service and tutorial this is the publisher obviously these guys had already been worked worked on this on this topic obviously with a different title but these guys I have mentioned have taken this article has been primarily authored by Sudanese Tara and obviously you can find details about him as in as in deities a lot of the different boxes where the publication is around about 300 cross publications a very learn at individual as far as the engineering or the different sort of the things are concerned but right now has been the surveys knowledge enabling discovery smart IOT Internet of Things research paper dr. Smith Mira IIT and it's been obviously under the smoothness as well as from it Mira IIT soy to say my father if it's been HDMI supported the use of knowledge discovery on the internet of things and it's called insta lie to me is undeniably one of the most indispensable ones which results in optimized placement in architectures efficient routing for the pools device energy savings and and has security my use of the of the implementation that these are the different the ways the absence of knowledge discovery in IOT results in just one just an implementation of large-scale sensor networks and which generates a huge amount of data and which needs and often under optimize processing for actionable outputs in this survey we explore various domains of IOT for vision knowledge discovery is inseparable from the application and show how it benefits Steve over on implementation of IOT and architecture this is the Internet of Things architecture which is a very important field normally we just going to provide the fundamental knowledge this article is characterized under fundamental concept of data and knowledge they on gives knowledge representation technologies and machine learning application areas internet and web this application algorithm I will go to them I do and spatial and temporal data mining these are the topics normally when we talk about the applications of the Internet these are the prime applications when you are working around with the Internet so this is the area of focus of this article or research paper honest and survey and introduction I'm just giving out first of all an extract you can go through and read out the both sort of the article from the link I just give you the detail the things are there you can go through but we are going and just for the sake of our clarification and just to provide us a quick resource another alternative just to get go to go through if you are traveling you can have just a quick review even if you are if you are just listening and you can have an idea or graphs any sort of the concept which we you may share with your colleagues or with you guys research in workers and ultimately putting in the efforts in the comment section the need for unification of technique technical and social domains which were already connected to the internet and inclusion of new domains let you the emergence of the IOT paradigm various international regulatory as ionization organizations to find Internet of Things work although the domain areas okay for example Internet in that engine entire task force IETF defines IOT as the basic ideas that Internet of Things will connect objects around us electronic electric and non electrical to provide seamless communication and contextual services provided by them so element of RFID tags sensors actuators mobile phones makes it possible to materialize IOT 2 which interact incorporate each other to make this service better and accessible anytime from anywhere ie D in F 4 ETA T similarly international communication Union defines IOT as a global infrastructure for the info society and infrastructure and for the info society and also enabling advanced services my interview and interconnecting physical and virtual things based on existing and evolving into intro intro interoperable information and communication technologies itu-t internet reports 2005 okay kind of technologies like cloud computing a saw software-defined computing are being rapidly adopted for use with legacy technologies to achieve an increasingly robust smart energy-efficient I of these solutions yes the solutions are there most of the solutions are based for various purposes let's see the futuristic and upcoming technologies such as integration of 5g communication system context awareness goal that is written by actually going and also Jovian go 2017 and at worst the challenges a matte dense yet faster and smarter IOT solutions its implementation strategy context of the infusion of IOT and its importance to day-to-day lives of people can be highlighted by exploring the nuisance of its implementation technology the present-day trend in IOT is witnessing witnessing the emergence of new technologies which are essentially based upon the application areas of IOT technologies such as Internet of vehicles the difference part of the Internet of Things categorized as Internet of eCos as well internal environment Internet of people Internet of healthcare and industrial I or G industry which you can also as for thoughts you consider the use of IOT based solutions and their inherent advantages for their specific to me is only so IOT application domains industry smart city is one of the application domains under IOT and an Internet of Things another one is healthcare agriculture transportation environment these are the six application to means so we are talking with industry we are dealing with industry probably dealing the smart city and Industry that will be the combination healthcare agriculture transportation environment is separate but obviously these are the useful to me ins of IOT Internet of Things primarily used in their own in their own sectors but what we're talking about industry we are talking about with in aerospace and the aircraft commercial area manufacturing industry our state internet is is working all around but the prob what we are dealing with the Internet is just for our purpose obviously and the study is relevant to that as well we are talking about our own industry research the whole industry research means in industry we are willing to work in and also willing to have the knowledge information and ideas concepts advanced concept advanced technologies it's just starting from the internet with all the solutions work around and obviously enable us to work in a positive and a coherent and robust way that we can actually understand the things working in a quakecon obviously in a very coherent way that is the whole purpose when you can also have some of the other smart grid actually explanation as well from the from the domain of smart city and networking compensation IOT as well as their data types in IOT and data generation and I would be with the Internet of Things you can have all these topics to be covered in this survey in detail you can go along with some of the pictorial representation as well and you can have an idea that what sort of the interest is available and what so all the information is available that you can actually extract the information for the purpose as I said in the intro is really enough to actually cover this survey and I hope with the sound for Tribune's of these April doctors and working at their level and the best of the best levels we also actually welcome them their contribution which their contribution obviously for the further reading over here you can also go and have the reading as well but with the survey we able to actually cover very very different thing enabling with the smart IOT things things work around this internet of things obviously there is the Internet of Things and we're talking about the small Internet of Things and interesting Internet of Things that is our main goal and obviously what we are doing is enabling ourselves through these objectives that is the purpose if you see anything which is obviously the arm the article itself actually says that it is there is no conflict of interest but if you see any sort of the information to be shared element to this we welcome it else we are also going to share more of the tropics more of the information from different faculty member by merely from I who saw that obviously we can cover different topics in a very oh we already been presented to the board or to the scientific conferences or the meetings so at the end we can grab what was that what was the idea and we viewing those proceedings or doing those conferences or meetings is that as the purpose and then I hope that we'll be able to actually keep watching if at any time during the year or any time viewing down the road whatever whenever you go into a to watch this small bit of the video you can share and you can comment or you can also subscribe as well so this article is just a survey furthermore algae's phone and this is a survey obviously survey mostly covers different personnel so from down to the road from from actually from the mind from the work found from the brain or from the brain child to the information gatherers or you can say the Devore the workers who normally actually produce such material and also behind all these work the mind behind all these were normally are the doctors and also the April first smell and the highest authority top-level but obviously with the head of the group or with the with the contribution of all the personnel you can actually get a survey done about such such a topic which is more generalized common public under the domain of a common fabric so everyone must know that what is Internet of Things and what is the power different to means of the Internet of Things that is public common like things so everyone should know so that they can understand better obviously normally people don't actually take CSV such small things but we are HD and want to have public interest in this small article or the survey so then they can see that how the things work how the things go when you talk about the internet or the Internet of Things we do have our small small video as well about the you can say the cyber law the internet law defining the yet again with the India Technology Act 2000 and incorporating that act in it so you can watch that video as well for further explanation and I believe that finally explain for the ideas what are the real-time problems for real time actually you can say situations normally feed when you use the internet especially in nowadays time so if you have any time please visit that video and also you can see about how the different things are working you present in time in a very very complex very very different and difficult situation as far as the Internet of Things is concerned because this is a very challenging domain as far as the futuristic achievement of any goal is concerned because Internet is not being used as it would be which would be an extra fee in my humble opinion but various organizations various individuals use them for the amount work and the r-mo into HP follow the lines that may help us to hthe barcodes in a more conducive way with this explanation which is actually a way out of the scope of this survey end up my video and HD see you soon with another contribution from overlaid authentic contributors of research contributors of science engineering and primarily dealing with the area which I have mentioned in front of you but obviously they are working all around the world so we welcome their contribution they're available as a citation as well so let's see what we have in our next video till then take care now

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