Studying Energy Systems and Data Analytics at UCL

in today's world data is everywhere the availability of data and what we watch what we buy what ads we click and even how much we exercise has fueled the growth of huge businesses now data on how we use energy has emerged at a scale and resolution never seen before in our homes advanced smart meters are capturing how and when we use energy while mobility data from phones and travel apps are capturing how we use energy to get where we need to be this big data revolution is taking over the energy industry unleashing a tidal wave of change with a potential to accelerate the transition to a cleaner more sustainable energy system the UCL energy Institute a globally leading body the interdisciplinary energy research and teaching has launched a new taught postgraduate master's programme in energy systems and data analytics which will train the energy analysts of the future these students will be in the driving seat in the use of big energy data to power the transition to a cleaner energy system students will take programs taught by some of the world's leading experts in energy systems energy use in homes and cities and energy use in transportation from the global shipping industry to urban transport and the aviation sector students will also learn data analysis and advanced statistics as well as machine learning methods students will become experts in extracting insights from data to tackle problems in sustainability and take leading roles in industry if you want to lead the way in using big data to solve some of the most pressing environmental problems in recent memory then we'd like to hear from you for more information visit UCL a co UK forward slash energy and visit our programs page

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