Study GIS and Environmental Informatics at Lincoln

my name is crusher I'm a senior lecturer here at Lincoln and I teach mainly GIS geographic information systems if you're interested in looking at environmental problems you're looking at sort of transportation problems you're looking at tourism problems you're looking at economic problems anything where there's a spatial component to it in other words where location matters gos has something to offer you let's say you're a wildlife manager you're interested in maybe it's pigs or maybe it's Kia or maybe it's Kiwis and one of the key things for being able to manage wildlife like that is to fundamentally understand where they are where they can be found why are they where they are what are those things that make this a good place for kiwi and that's all about understanding the animals but it's also about understanding the landscape and the terrain and all those aspects of the land and that's where GIS comes it because it all helps all those spatial things fit together in one place we've got a lot of advantages here at Lincoln I mean one thing is we're land-based you know we're focused on issues around the land the landscape and how humans fitted with that I think one of the other big advantages is we're a small University and that means you get a lot more one-on-one interaction with your lectures they know your name they can speak with you by name I think that's a real plus we've got some really good connections with industry so that means you can be coming in and working on problems or solving problems that have a real practical focus so I think those are some of the key advantages if you wanted to come and focus on on GIS as a skill as a technology you know the new major in The Bachelor of environment and society is is a really good way because you get a broad understanding about what GIS is plus you get all the other informatics technology databases that all fit in with that you can use technology to solve a lot of problems so if you're focused on GIS in particular that's a great way it but on the other hand you know increasingly employers are looking for students coming out of university who have the ability to solve spatial problems use GIS you

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