my name is Pamina I'm 21 years old and I studied global business informatics at the Aichi University here you will learn how an interdisciplinary approach can be the best solution the first year is focused on the social aspects of IT the second year is all about the business world you will gain fundamental knowledge on how to analyze a business the third year reached further and goes global you'll learn what it means to collaborate across borders and culture the third year is also where you have the opportunity to shape education to fit you you will have your electives and you will have to choose the topic of your bachelor project what I appreciate the most in this program is the opportunity to investigate and collaborate with organizations and enterprises as part of the courses it allows us to actually apply the EURion practice for instance my group and I investigated a small Danish business chain we did a lot of observations and interviews and through analysis of the collected data we saw some organizational flaws we then presented our suggestions to improvements through IT systems to the company we felt like real IT consultants and got a taste for it in order to do these investigations group work is a necessity people always have different skills to contribute and you learn to collaborate beyond personal and cultural differences the study environment at the IT university is one of the greatest things about my education we have a lot of student initiatives where the students are very active we have scroll bar the cafe analog the student radio modem and many many more of course we also have a student union it's called Stube IT and I was selected president for a year through my student political work I grew a lot and my network expanded exponentially I was even asked to host a student speech at the IT universities annual party before I started here I never thought I'd be able to stand in front of hundreds of people and speak but I actually did it and that's how a vibrant study environment can influence you I would definitely recommend to study global business informatics you

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