Student Vlog – Alex – Chemical Engineering

Morning guys my name’s Alex this is a day in the life of the chemical engineer here we go when you get into uni one of the main things you’ll be doing is being in the traditional lecture halls learning about all the basic concepts of chemical engineering and how to apply them to the real world alongside these lectures you’ll also have various assignments throughout the year that you must complete in order to further your understanding of how the chemical engineering problems are applied in industry and it will help you get a grasp of some difficult concepts these can be completed in a number of different study areas in chemical engineering or in the communal ones throughout University such as the Learning Centre, Med School or even the new library that is just been built as part of fourth year you’ll also have the opportunity to do a research project which involves going into labs and conducting vital research that will further chemical engineering as a whole this is a really good opportunity to get some lab time under your belt and be able to make a real impact into the world of research. Just from walking through campus really get a sense of the balance between the facilities and the green areas on campus so walking into the main square now you can see the Great Hall in behind and then right in front you’ve got a lot of green space which just allows people to come out relax and eat their lunch during the day especially when it’s sunny you get loads of people out there and just in shot here we have Old Joe, the tallest freestanding clock tower in the world, it’s the focal point of the university another great place to come meet friends and have lunch is students’ union, it’s get a restaurant, it’s got another shop where you can get lunch and also it holds one the biggest nights in the UK Fab n Fresh often sold out every week it’s a great night to meet up with university students and also friends that you might not necessarily meet up with every day so throughout the year the chemical engineering department tends to run a lot of events and mixers to get everyone involved and break the inter-year barriers, today it just so happens to be the winter ball so I’m currently getting suited and booted and ready to head out where we’re going to have a nice three-course meal and an awards ceremony should be a great night unfortunately I’m not going to take you guys with me but I’ll see you again tomorrow The University of Birmingham offers a lot of sport options from Ultimate Frisbee all the way through to your generic kind of football and hockey and this is a really great opportunity to again get involved and really kind of get active and make the most out of your time here at University and the Engineering and Physical Sciences college has four teams itself it has a hockey netball football and rugby I play for the hockey team and on Sundays we have a match against loads of different other subjects and colleges and then on mondays we train so I’m currently sat in my car waiting to brave the cold and it’s Sunday so we’re going to be playing a match against psychology right now so yeah wish me luck

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