Student How-to Guide – How to log in to your eLearning account

how to log into your elearning account before you can begin your elearning account will need to be created in catapult LMS by a systems administrator once this has been done your account credentials will be sent to you via email the email contains the access URL your login ID and your password if you have not received this email please contact your training organization you can click the link inside the notification email to be taken to the login page please enter your login ID and password before clicking the submit button in the future if you require a new password you can click on the forgot your password link this will ask you to enter your login and click Submit after which a new password will be sent to you by email the first time you log in you will be shown the student use policy it will also reappear whenever it is updated check the box labeled I have read and accept the use policy and then click Submit after logging in you will be taken to your e-learning dashboard on this page you will find a summary of the unit's you are currently enrolled in alongside the unit code you will find the status of the unit in progress means you are currently working on this unit to begin or continue work in this unit click on the unit code you can submit this unit to your trainer for marking by clicking the submit button inside the action column submitted means you have submitted this unit to your trainer for marking while in the submitted state you cannot update any of your assessment activities you can carry on reviewing the theory by clicking on the unit code you can also check your submission by clicking on view the marked status means your trainer has marked this unit and returned it with comments to view your trainers comments and progress of the unit click on the comment link you can edit your details by clicking edit details on the top menu bar this screen has multiple text boxes that you can use to update your details such as address and phone number to change your password scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your new password in both the password and confirm password text skills once complete click the submit button if you have changed your password ensure you use the updated password when next logging in you


  1. Tik Tok Music said:

    How to login without I'd in this app
    Unfortunately I don't have any register I'd ….and tell me about it
    How to get I'd
    Please sir

    June 27, 2019
  2. Hameed Panezai said:

    it is for any one or only your students please we also need this

    June 27, 2019

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