Stock Chart (IQ FIZZ SHOP BYND JWN WORK BA CTST) Technical Analysis for Today – June 27, 2019

No welcome back from the day turning today's review for Thursday twenty-seven how's everyone doing out there and wavin Aurora announced that the companies had entered into royalty barring commercial licensing agreement with sub-licensing okay great wrong video tobacco but thank you this is the stocks video this is for the last video but thank you for sharing all right um just going through the list here beyond meats and slack beyond meat beasting up more here so probably push back up to like 174 yeah it's not super strong but it's still bullish so I'm gonna leave it on for now and just watching for this level right here to get tested roughly 170 175 work vacuum microwave I am okay great yeah this is not the video for that tobacco I can appreciate you want the pump Aurora but you should have done that in the last video this is a stocks video slack up pounded here so this is actually bearish a lot of that to the bear list here bleeped XPO ex appeals been itching to push up here and flatlining how little push it to the close so it's bullish but probably gonna have to delete it hey Rob II do el dorado eb o el dorado where yeah Oh eg Oh oh I made a typo yesterday I don't mind to put eg o so eg o still bullish and it's actually surprising surprising because GDX wasn't green today right GDX is flat x au is red actually no i wont stoat Alief lat it probably saved it into the clothes after after market closed yeah and then Geo D flat si el flat so eg o is actually strong here still strong so we're gonna leave that one on let's eat geo I mean I made an error there eg Oh so CM e yeah CME's bullish now to remove that Roku Roku did get reject I don't know if it's red I don't still green but it's still rejected to me oh I'm gonna delete it for now cuz there are two hammers on there but jwn is definitely bearish there was more bearish news about it today so probably gonna want to sink more and I'm just zooming here to see what it did and it's it's trying to grind up but I doubt it's gonna be able to do it Hershey's mmm yeah I'm gonna delete that one too so really tomorrow is gonna be about what happens in two and two g20 and I don't really have anything else when I watch this here so let's just go through what do you want to do Cantrell sent to my bear list see TST and let's go to Oh how's my buddy neo doing yeah still really low zoom like you Wow it's at 20 so if we ramp tomorrow I'm gonna bet on IQ not shriveled that one and all wise in the g20 I like that one is and Shopify yeah bounce right off the levels looking at I should have bought that it's at the 300 – so it's holding that one sort of resistance here so it's either gonna it's gonna be binary it's gonna go up or down to 300 so let's see what the into the closed it didn't sell off like S&P detect sell off yeah and this one did not actually got to bison to the close so I like shop I think I'll take off Eldorado I do have some calls on wpm though um I bought some for Monday as a damn that's actually not even that that's actually at 12 cent drop I bought some of these for four from Monday as a hedge so I bought some S&P calls and then I also bought some double p.m. calls it's really I'm really just buying these for g20 and nothing else so that doesn't curl back up tomorrow I'm gonna sell them at the open thank you based on the based on tariffs okay no well that's that's not company specific though it's not because of the tariffs it's big as a monetary policy – so if they're gonna print more money that means that everything has to go up asset prices have to go up which means everything else to go up and there's also war with Iran so gold accent as more than one thing it can be used for a store value it can be used for an inflation hedge it can be used for a lot of things there's some industrial use as well but it's not just one thing and if you notice Gold was able to hold us games right gold has been able to hold its games bitcoin is not and YX BT I don't know where it's at right now but I know that it puked right it puked right back up so my target got hit right here 13 8 5 8 and it came back down I think about 20% all right I only have a few minutes left here so I'm going to start going a little bit faster that one actually looks pretty good too IQ is shop beyond I'm happy with that and Boeing had some bearish news today overnight their 737 had more bad they didn't mention it just nosedive so that's bad work up beat up pretty bad I feel pretty good about that list let's see you anything else here blackberry and that's on earnings for tuna that looks pretty bad is it worse than can trust how's the question didn't close green I don't know I don't know looks pretty bearish to me a lot of selling so I'm gonna keep that one on there I'm happy with that list I'll leave it there and I'll see you guys in the QA if anybody's not sure if you just just as a reminder if you go down to to here and you just look at the there's there's a link right here to go to the show schedule so if you click on that I'll bring to the schedule which brings you to hear and on each card there actually is a link to the video oh oh she's already updating it she's updating it for the next day so you'll see here like the videos ready there for today so that's the link for the Q&A and I'll just share this with you guys so copy paste and I'll see you the next one thank you good luck and let's go make some money

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