STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!

– Hey guys, Laura Gruneisen here. I’m here today to talk to you about STEM, science, technology, engineering, or math, and as I like to say it, actually STEAM. I like to include art in there. So I’m going to show you a book from each of those categories to help you and your
little learner at home get the most from their education. So science, that is the 365 Science Activities. I love this, there’s an activity
for every day of the year. They all use common household ingredients. I also love that they
have an extra spot here where they’re explaining actually how each of the experiments
work and why it works. I love this. I love that on a rainy day or a wintry day you can actually just open this book up and flip to any activity
the kids want to do and you’ve got an instant
activity for them to do. You don’t need to go out and buy anything. You don’t need to do anything extra. This is a winner at $21.99. The next one I wanna show
you is our technology, Coding for Beginners Using Scratch. Scratch is a program used by MIT. It’s created by MIT for kids and it’s all about computer coding. This book tells you how
to get on to Scratch in a safe way, with parent
permission of course, and using online options
or offline options. And this has a bunch of activities for how to put in the coding, how to create your own games, and different scenarios. This is chock-full of fun, it’s $14.99. The next one I wanna show
you is for engineering. How Things Work. This is a See Inside book. What I love is you’re
going to get all the flaps that you’ve come to know and love from our See Inside series. I also love that this
has all different kinds of machinery from simple
levers and pulleys, it has all sorts of ways to get around, instruments, plumbing, it’s got a little bit of everything and all sorts of engineering techniques. What I really love about this with the back of the book you can type in Usborne quick links and then get to See Inside How Things Work and you’ve got a whole list of
websites previewed by Usborne for content, age-appropriateness, no spam. And it’s always full of further reading, more videos, coloring pages,
science activities and more. $14.99 for this awesome engineering book. For art which is the a in STEAM, I love the Big Book of Colors. This book is great for multiple ages. For little kids it’s great
for just color recognition. I love that there’s a rotating color wheel so you can talk about contrasting
and complementary colors. I also love that there’s
a little bit of education about each of the colors and a little bit about each of them. So in terms of, like many sailors, pilots,
and police officer’s uniforms are navy blue. And then there is a picture of a boat with a hue of navy blue. I love that it shows that
there are many different hues for each color. There’s tangerine, there’s
buff, there’s orchid, there’s plum, black, white,
gray, and everything in between. I also love this little
special part in the back. There’s some velum here and you get to see how these colors on the velum play differently on each
of the sides of the print. So in this case, if you look at this it
looks like a green apple. You’ll see that this part
of the velum is yellow and on the pink circle it
now looks like a tangerine. I love this book. $14.99. This is a wonderful coffee table book. It’s one you’re going
to want to keep forever in your family. The last one I wanna show you is our math. Lift the Flap Times Tables. This is such a cool
book for multiplication. I wish I would’ve had
this when I was a kid. It goes from twos to 12s, so you can see here there’s
all sorts of activities in between. They are lift the flaps. All of these sample questions
actually are flaps to lift, so for example it shows
here in the eights, if a big turtle can carry eight babies, how many babies could
six big turtles carry? And so of course you
see here it shows you, six groups of eight is 48. I love this for kids
who are visual learners, for kids who like lifting flaps, for kids who really just need to practice their times tables, this is such a steal. It’s only $14.99 and
your kids are guaranteed to memorize their times tables so quickly. Hope you enjoyed this little STEAM lesson. Have a good day.

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