Startupbootcamp IoT Demo Day 2018

the last three months have been incredible we've had so much momentum with our team this year a little mature a bit more advanced teams and so much diversity so it's been an incredible program without so much traction so many people coming through from mentis to partners supporting the team today was fantastic you know especially the the progress they've made over over the period of practicing their pitches and at refining their product they've done such a phenomenal job that today was a really really good culmination of the program where the music with all the banners the light I mean it was amazing mind-blowing I like to start a good camp because they take a very global approach and that is a really nice thing the diversity of the teams and they ended in the origin of the ideas that can come from anywhere so this is the second year we have part of southern boot camp I think it is a great year we've engaged very deeply into the program it's fantastic it's very good to see how all those startup developer competitions thundering winter free come to the demodex with an amazing experience the venue is awesome all of their Democrats are really impressive and I think this one really stands out I think it's been a great ride on the quality of the people and the diversity of construction we've had with mentors other startup from the cohort and partners would have been fantastic we've done it it's been unbelievable now don't go anywhere because we're gonna be back next year so we hope to see you all in

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