Stanford Course – The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation

the power story class is really fun to teach and I think it's also fun to take the reality is that storytelling is not new and in fact we were good storytellers when we were all kids and yet somehow we lose the ability to tell stories in persuasive ways over the course of time what this class does is not only illuminate what is a good story and what is a bad story it helps the audience figure out how to tell stories more effectively particularly with the context of business and mind so how do you use stories to grow your business how do you use stories to persuade stakeholders to engage with you to be part of your brand to help you build your brand to come on board we provide a framework for people to understand how to tell a great story and briefly that framework is you have to have a single focus school why are you developing the signature story for your business what do you want the audience to do after you share that story the second is how do you grab attention how do you create a hook for the story why would someone even want to listen third is engagement why would the why would the audience even want to care so there we talked about the protagonist and characters and the arc of the story these are all tools that you have to deepen the relationship you have with your audience and then the fourth is enable action what do you want the audience not just to do but when my phase share the story that you just shared with them what would they do with the story that would allow it to grow storytelling is a tool to be used with stakeholders like your board you can imagine any board meeting that you run starting or ending with a story it's also a tool to be used for customers to not only explain more what the brand stands for and why but also to get them on board and become marketers of your brand and it's also a tool to be used for employees and it doesn't matter if it's a startup or a big organization story is an incredibly powerful tool that many of us don't use and yet can be an incredibly potent the most important thing is a better understanding of story when is it powerful tool that you can use to persuade to create action there is a secondary goal and that is actual practice with storytelling what individuals get outside of this class or after this class is real practical hands-on insight on how they can improve their own storytelling skills what the participant of this course will get is not only insight into what makes a great story versus a poor story but actual practice at storytelling so what they'll get after the course is hands on insight on their own storytelling skills and in fact an actual story at the end of the class

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