SpotShotter technology goes live in Tampa

first up here a high-tech way to hopefully help police save lives this ShotSpotter technology it just went live in Tampa ABC Action News reporter Lauren st. germain joins us live now from police headquarters good morning Lauren do we know where these sensors are yet Deann James no we don't and we never will this is all to protect the technology and the officers but we do know that these sensors will cover a three mile radius so we did get an inside sneak peek at this new technology it's actually pretty cool it's inside the police station it's gonna all help the department track these sound waves of gunshots the department tells us these sensors will let officers know about the gunfire within 60 seconds they can pinpoint a location within 75 feet we spoke with a woman who lives in a part of Tampa with quite a bit of crime and she says she's applauding the city for bringing this technology to better protect everyone it's like a war sometimes you would never understand it until you're really just over here in this area it's a custom fear we do know that several other agencies like the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office already use this technology other departments like st. Pete Police have looked at the idea but didn't move forward

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