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permit which the Philippines sensei itself was created by Philippine Constitution and gives it powers to administer and regulate the businesses that are inside Cessna so it's fully guaranteed and backed by the Philippine lost Philippine Constitution thus as a CEO and Secretary reports directly to the President to Philippines next the license for your business the license affords you tasks for its so I honestly I'm not sure what the other task for its art but the best one will be you are able to get five percent flat rate on your gross income for your business which is much much lower than what the typical corporate tax rates are philippine companies and lastly operations is restored so the philippines if you and your audience don't know has always been in the top two top three providers of Business Process Outsourcing services worldwide why is this so because aside from customer service and technical labor being cheaper I would say 90 95 % of the population understands and speaks fluent English yeah so all more better for businesses as they set up in the Philippines plus we mentioned earlier that the strategic location as well of being very close to basically where the action is right now which is this part of Asia yeah I mean this is so close to everything like two hours to Japan Korea Thailand Vietnam perfect location so yeah for business and for for pleasure as well right so wait okay yes yeah so let's make it clear okay if I am the CEO of whatever the crypto organization and I want to lend my business in Philippines like can you give us a little guidance like where should I go who should I ask and what should I expect no future yeah so that's a that's one of the good things about working with an organization such as fair it's like I mentioned earlier we can readily provide the licenses to E Plus on top of that instead of trying to navigate through the processes and let's call it the typical red paper dealing with government and regulators we can definitely assist the locator with that because we are ready to have the excellent relationships we know how to help the business locate and process everything for them so this would include meeting with the regulators plus meeting with the third-party suppliers as well so cezzah has some third-party suppliers where the locator must integrate and this would be one for probably checking and two for the centralized audit system and we can definitely cut down the processing time and many of the headaches and both these third parties I guess yeah basically the the relationships with the different various steps to help this set up are already there for us and for our partners as well for me it's clear now it's season and if we're talking about like other partnerships what else can we there's Asian flight okay so and one interest so we do have some licenses but they're interesting either interesting side of rarer because we have an excellent tradition chips with their regulators rare is one apology principal license reset says that that were granted by that status or the issuance s IC OS / one but also for sponsoring or create stos are security tokens as well as being able to license security book and exchange yeah and um one of the hardest topic now is a stable point do you provide something for that yes we we do have a license to to create our own stable coin operation that is no Mesa Union Chezza but should there be a partner who is interested to offer or create its own stable coin operation we can definitely discuss it with us and as partners we can help them issue and roll out their stable point fully regulated and for the nice and spacious I see that's pretty cool I think I can say franchise so let's move to the creep to Valley so everybody know about this we script Valley right and the creation of Asian one I know that there is a creep it seems like a very smart and logical step so um do you guys with real ears Asia are involved in this and what are the plans for the future so the valley of Asia like I mentioned earlier definitely the zone was created with the strategic location in mind but also what a typical value of Asia will do together with its partners loopy face it's basically be for it to stand out it fully intends to work as partners together with all the locators so to be able to not just implement rules but up together you have to create the necessary rules and regulations to help everybody that's key so as proof of this intention says to be able to run the value of wish as well as decided to basically assign stuff regulatory decision to help it manage the zone and also how can create rules and regulations right because with the thinking that the self-regulatory organization knows more about the business than than the government and this organization is called Asian blockchain and crypto Association organization rock opera so that organization will actually be composed all the members of papers cezzah and together as a community together with their regulators we will be doing regular dialogues to be able to help the whole zone all the businesses to be that there's basically prosperous business here in in the region as well so you plan to make you look it's more attractive than Switzerland for if we're blushing I would say it's it's it's definitely tough but we will try and we will try to be as as as lexical if not more flexible than another jurisdiction so the key term here is we we are the Philippines is trying to be as business friendly as possible because we really see this industry as as one of the future pillars of the Philippines like I mentioned to you we already do well in business process now so I see we're a lot of technical and skilled work has been outsourced to the Philippines and we need ec cryptocurrency and locked in which is a very new industry as a new growth area for this the government is trying its best to be competitive and for the current visa situation like just I want to know your opinion as a professional in this area what do you think about the market in Asia right now obviously the Bitcoin just praised and branded fell down what what do you think about the market and what are those countries you consider the good potential market like I know that Nam is probably is going to be like you know somewhere on top it's pretty much going on there right now but I just want to know your thoughts about well personally we we mention it over and over again there's a lot of fashion and Asia and I believe this trend will continue because statistically we have the demographics to pull it off out here change the whole of Asia it's a very young population it's a population that's very I would say it's a population that grew up more ready with with with a lot of technology in their hands and their mobile phones right and apart from this basically when it comes to when it comes to electronic money and electronic payments I think a large population in Asia is already very educated with this why because I can use the Philippines as an example but I can imagine in other countries ehh the same mmm a large part of the population moves a lot of money domestically like from the city to the various provinces and many workers in Asia Raworth abroad move money from where they work back to their home country so because of this a lot of innovation has happened in the areas of payments cashless payments and remittances as well so and that's why a lot of investments both local and foreign investments have gone into context not just in the Philippines but Indonesia because of this and cryptocurrency and lushing is just a natural progression from from where we are and that's why I think yes there's a lot of volume when it comes to the currency exchanges here but if you want to talk about cryptocurrency the use of it and not chain in general for the reasons that I mentioned earlier I think that's why this area will continue to be a hotbed of innovation and who knows apart from what's happening now in the currency exchanges in the blockchain I guess nobody yet knows what else will will come from this region right that's why it's it's for me it's a it's a good place to be in right now yeah I'm thinking about moving to do it means I mean I was there I know that Philippines is really really progressive with crypto and for blockchain I met people I talked to them and um I heard something like maybe you I am not sure it's sure or not but some of the since she means they actually have a TMS the machines right where you can catch like the bitcoins like you can put your Bitcoin there and you can get different in FSS so do you know I heard about there's one bank called yeah and FinTech and one of the recent things that they like correct and they just recently launched an ATM machine where you can basically buy Bitcoin and if I'm not mistaken exchange Bitcoin part for actual cash as well to be quite honest with you and so new that I actually haven't tried this part myself but I promise I will try it maybe I'll take a video and I will go there by myself oh yes pretty hard okay thank you so much might make it worse should I say salamat for Mikey and Salomon is Mikey and thank you ladies and gentlemen for being with us it was Cristina and general manager of rare earths Asia technology Mikey Cruz don't forget to go to an economy that media to check the latest updates see you there

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