Sonceboz and EPFL join forces to take mechatronics into the future

so the bow is a sweet family-owned company located in the Sahaba Anwar we develop new solution of mechatronics that will transform an electric signal into a mechanical motion we produce 65 million of these actuator every year we want to develop a new initiative which is an open innovation lab in the Innovation Park of APL the name will be IQ but APL meaning for innovation incubation on investment this partnership with Salzburg will allow us valorizing Sandvik competencies available at EPFL in the field of micro engineering Electrical Engineering mechanical engineering as well as robotics we speak about open innovation meaning new technologies of energy harvesting that will be using hvac building new technologies of medical drug delivery that can be using insulin pump or that type of applications so one of the first project we will develop will aim actually at recovering wasted eat from exhaust gases from engines from automotive engines in order to convert this energy into electricity

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