SolarWinds Government and Education Partner Summit Video

We came to the partner summit today
to find opportunities where you can identify value-added solutions
for our customers and really leverage the SolarWinds products to ensure that there is true value. Our primary purpose here today is to get
the product overviews, get a little bit of a deeper dive into
the technical capabilities I’ve been able to meet a lot of the different
federal sales folks whether it’s the technical folks or the marketing or even the executive management. I’ve actually had an opportunity to see some of the other products that you guys have to offer. I had no idea that SolarWinds even
had such a huge portfolio. The products are a great fit for our market sector, and then SolarWinds’ focus on velocity and taking care of the small customers is a great fit for our our corporate culture. We really see the long-term value in SolarWinds that it adds to our customer base. If we can strengthen the SolarWinds/Telesis relationship, we’re going to ensure success for both organizations. Coming to this summit has actually
been really beneficial because there’s some things I can
take back now to my customers when I hear those certain problem issues or buzzwords, and realize ‘Oh, SolarWinds has a solution for that!’ Moving forward with our partnership with SolarWinds we’re really looking forward to expanding
their sales and marketing and partnering capabilities in the public sector, especially in state and local. We’re looking forward to doing big things
with SolarWinds this year.

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